Street fighter figureseries 2 announced!


Akuma’s votes are really close to Vega’s, but I’m pretty sure Akuma’s fig will come sometime soon.

Thanks for posting it.

WTF ROLENTO WOULD HAVE OWNed… I agree with cammy and T hawk but damn Blanka over Balrog and Geif… Geif would have looked awsome

When are these toys coming out?? Who is in series 1?? When is series 1 coming out??

Thanks in advance for answering!!

SERIES 1 IS Chun-Li,Ryu,Bison,Sagat,and Sodom. They should be coming out by June/July. Check for more info .

I’ll only accept Vega over Akuma if Vega is sporting that pimp trenchcoat.

I voted for Vega, Rose, Balrog and T.Hawk so I got 2 out of 4. ME HAPPY!

Why don’t you make a suggestion to Sotatoys about it? They listen!!! Just head on over to the action-figure site and go to the main forums in lair of the legion and post it under taking street fighter suggestions. You could start getting people to follow with that idea. I,for one,love the idea!

Happy happy about Vega (trenchie PLEASE!!!), don’t really care about the rest.

So, for now it’s Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Sagat, Sodom and Vega headed for my collection. 6 out of 10, not bad.

Trench coat Vega kicks almost as much ass as grumpy surly Kei.

Awesome stuff. I shall be heading down to my Toy store when these come out…

Just out of curiosity (Sorry bout the wrong spelling)…Every single 3rd Strike and Alpha 3 character will eventually be availible right?..

If so it will be my mission to collect all 49 characters :slight_smile:

I hope you put Cody in series 3.

I’m a bit disappointed.

I voted for Gouki (Akuma), Rose, Zangief, and Dudley. Unfortunately none of them were voted in.

I’m surprised that there were so many Vega fanboys…I consider myself a fan, but not so much that I’d choose Vega over Gouki.

I knew Cammy would win, but I would of liked something different…I am surprised that Sakura didn’t have more votes.

Blanka, I like him as well, but I didn’t expect such a strong sweep by him. I hope the make monstrous Blanka la SSF2X, not SFZ3.

The biggest wonder was T. Hawk. I don’t know why he was chosen…he’s not a good game character, he’s not important in the story, he’s got very little depth (apart from being the 2nd biggest stereotype done by Capcom, 2nd to DeeJay). This was the most surprising to me.

My hopes for set 3 is that they make Gouki with a new body, and make him monstrous, so he could tower over Ryu.

T. Hawk was chosen because he’s the only SF2 character in his bracket.

Regarding storyline…

Birdie 24.92%
T Hawk 44.98%
Dudley 16.11%
Oro 13.98%

I’d actually wager to say that T. Hawk is no less storyline-significant than all the other guys in his bracket. Well, I guess there’s Oro with Ryu, but most people don’t really care about Oro’s relationship with Ryu with the exception of SF3 fans (which you might think there are a lot of until you realize the majority of SF2’s fans from the hey day don’t even know that SF3 EXISTS)

Your thoughts on T. Hawk being chosen because he’s a SF2 character is a hypothesis, it’s not based on any real data. To say that would discount Sodom in Line 1, and any other non-SF2 series characters in any future lineups…it’s analogous to saying that they will continue completing the entire SF2 lineup before they proceed with characters from other series, which we already know is not true.

T. Hawk is a retrospectively important character. When he was made in SSF2, he was totally insignificant. He was only made partially important in SFZ3, and not directly through himself, but by the Dolls.

Oro, on the other hand, was made to be in important character in the SF storyline. SF players that do not know of SF3 existing is a side-note. I really doubt they would follow SF in a hardcore fashion anyhow, let alone buy the figures. In addition, SFZ3 (the game that made T. Hawk significant) came out much later than the original SF3… Unless I remember incorrectly, BOTH 3rd Strike and SFZ3 came out in 1998, which would mean that Oro has been in 2 games (1 game canon-wise) earlier, being important, than T. Hawk storyline-wise and game wise.

Sodom was chosen BY THE COMPANY on a WILD CARD basis. T. Hawk was chosen by the VOTERS. Look through ALL the brackets and you will see that with the exception of Rose, all the characters won according to their AGE that they’ve been in SF games from (Basically, all the SF2 chars, then if not available, SSF2 chars, then SFA chars, then SF3 chars won in that order). If that’s not real data, I don’t know what is. Storyline important or not, the simple matter of fact is that the majority of people (you know, the ones that actually VOTE as opposed to the company deciding on a figure like Sodom) do not know that SF3 and thus Oro even exist. Or they really really don’t care for SF3 compared to SF2 so much that they’d vote for someone like T. Hawk over all the others.

Again, that is a retrospective hypothesis that is incorrect. You’re looking at the final data now, and making an assumption to fit it into your thoughts…if you do that, of course you’ll be correct. You already have the answer (data) right in front of you.

I suggest you look through all the brackets again, closely. It’s not just Rose, it’s Rolento/Adon as well. Adon was in SFZ1, which is more widely known by all SF players (although disliked) and yet he was beaten out by Rolento, who first appeared in SFZ2 (Don’t say Final Fight, and Final Fight 2, I really doubt many SF players, the ones who don’t know SF3 exist, would know that he’s in the games) Yet Rolento, a newer character, and one who is less significant storyline-wise, beats out Adon, who is actually important in the storyline on 2 parts.

In addition, if you go by your age hypothesis, then Adon would of won? Why? Because he’s in SF1. Although SF1 is less known to the general SF players, it is part of the canon, and officially, Adon is an older character than the rest of the characters in his bracket. And again, Birdie should of won. He also, is in SF1. Birdie actually appears in more of the SF storyline than T.Hawk. Birdie appears in SF1, SFZ1-3, and in the ending of SSF2X. While T. Hawk is in SSF2X and SFZ3. So that is 3 brackets incorrect out of 4 brackets. A 25% hypothesis isn’t a very good hypothesis.

Oh please. IT’S STREET FIGHTER 1! I did not mention SF1 in my hypothesis for obvious reasons. Do I really have to say why it’s INCREDIBLY flawed to think that Adon was going to get more votes from voters due to being in Street Fighter 1!? You telling me not to bring up Final Fight to support my argument while you bring up Street Fighter 1 (Street Fighter 1!!! HELLO!?!?!?!) to support your argument reeks of hypocrisy.

Besides, Final Fight > SF1. It was a heck of a lot more popular, and Final Fight is seen as the forefather of the beat-em-up genre by many people (even though that really should technically belong to Double Dragon…). This should be obvious. Birdie being in three games and en ending (OOOOOOOO, AN ENDING PICTURE! Not like 90% of the Street Fighter players knew who the hell that punk in the ending was besides just a generic punk) doesn’t mean anything. The simple matter is that Birdie was not in a Street Fighter 2 game while T. Hawk was, so the majority of people who voted actually knew who the heck T. Hawk was but didn’t know who Birdie was. I’ve talked to many people at my college and neighborhood who all VERY fondly remember Street Fighter 2, but whenever I would bring up Alpha or SF3 to any of them, they’d basically say “Whazzat?” (ditto for Street Fighter 1, although after I brought that one up, the magic of emulation quickly relegated Street Fighter 1 to a JOKE topic in the area, where people used Street Fighter 1 as the defining standard for CRAP. Yea, that’s going to get Adon lots of votes. Not.) I don’t know where the hell you’re coming from saying that no one would know that Rolento is from Final Fight because all of those SF2 fans I talked to were also big Final Fight fans and knew who Rolento was. Final Fight was also rather huge, even if not to the level of SF2. Heck, a whole lot more people know what Final Fight is than Alpha, even. Trying to brush Final Fight off as something that people wouldn’t remember while using SF1 to support your argument on why Adon and Birdie shouldn’t have lost is absolutely ludicrous.

Oh nevermind. I feel insulted just arguing with someone who dared to bring up STREET FIGHTER ONE in a debate about the winners of a popularity vote.

Looks like I hit a nerve.

I’m simply stating my arguements with your own words, and your own hypothesis.
It’s not my fault that you did not clearly define them.

Granted, I’ll admit that my Final Fight statement is flawed, for your arguements sake, I’ll take FF and FF2 into the equation.
However even though Final Fight is more popular and better known than SF1, Final Fight is Final Fight, and SF is SF, so although the storylines are intertwined Adon appeared in an SF game before Rolento (SF1 and SFZ1). Rolento wasn’t even a popular boss; he only became lately popular when SFZ2 came out.
So even with all that, bring in Final Fight into the equation. Even on that 2 brackets incorrect out of 4. A 50% hypothesis is still a poor hypothesis.

Just because I am taking apart your ideas and hypothesis, doesn’t mean that you should get all worked up and emotional about it.

Your first statement was only storyline importance, which I refuted. Your next idea was based on when the character appeared in the SF storyline, which I also refuted (I didn’t really need to, the case point of Rose/Ibuki proved it, considering you don’t care for my SF1 statement). Then you go on how Rolento is the best thing since sliced bread, which makes him super popular and well known, even though he appeared later in the SF series officially.

I especially like it how you don’t mention where my points are correct, (including my statement on characters with storyline importance, and your glaring error on Rose/Ibuki) and focus on the Final Fight point. Cheers to you.

I’m not saying this to be a smartass so somebody please just do me a favor and answer straight up:
Why is any of this important? What are you guys even arguing over?

He asked why T. Hawk was ‘chosen’, I said what I thought was why, he decided to strongly disagree. Why he decided to start an argument when I was merely answering his question, I’m not sure. Admittingly, in retrospect, maybe it was because I didn’t start my post with “I think T. Hawk was chosen because…” or something like that (the lack of maybe giving off an implication that I was doing more than just merely answering the question with my thoughts)