Street Fighter Foils

I was wondering if anybody knows where I can order the First Issue foil of Chun-Li. I have #'s 2,3,&4. If there is a website that is selling them or if anybody has it and wants to sell it please let me know through this thread or e-mail me.

Thank you.

E-mail -

Aim - evilsexzombie

Dude thanks so Much for the e-bay links this is exactly what i was looking for. I was hoping i could find a buy it now cuz i hate the bidding process but this is great. Thanks again man you really helped out a lot.

Udon: since this question belongs in this thread i may as well ask. i’ve actually been wondering this for a while. several foils are sold for 8 dollars while others are sold at 10 bux. why price changes?

We never made a price change. We offered the foils through Diamond Comic Distributors to the retailers at a fixed cost, same throughout the whole series so far. Why did the retailers decide to charge 10 or 8 is not something I can control…

What is the usual mark up on comics anyway?

I’m glad It helped you out :slight_smile:

That’s not exactly a fair question to ask the guy. Maybe you should do some research on the 'net yourself?

How’s it not fair? I did do some research, and couldn’t find anything conclusive. I have no problem with this guy making his living or the people doing this book making their living. I’m curious how much the markup usually is, as well as being curious as to how much the foil process costs. People like Todd McFarlane aparently only charge enough to cover costs and nothing more. I know others jack up the price substantially so I’m curious. From what I gathered from Udoneko’s previous posts was that SF was actually made pretty much on a break even sales scale.

No offense, but if he doesn’t want to answer, he can tell me that himself. It’s just an honest question. I’m not demanding an answer. What’s wrong with me asking someone directly in the comic book business about the monetary issues involved with it?

The foil cost to retailers is of coz more than a regular book. And you are right, we are basically only charging the extra to cover up the printing of the foils, the extra artwork, etc.

Unlike the regular book, which is offered to retailers under the standard Diamond discount system (that is depending on the quantity of books ordered that month, retailers will have a discount between 50% to 35% off cover price - the more they order, the higher their discount is), the Power Foil is charged to retailers at a fixed NET cost. Meaning a fix price. However, these incentives normally do not have a cover price set. So it is up to the retailers to decide, probably based on the demands in that area.

Hope that answers your question.

Yup, excellent. That’s exactly what I wanted to know. I didn’t figure the profit margin was very high for comics but could never get any solid info about it. Considering the decline of comic shops I doubted it could be very much. Then with special covers considering they aren’t processed the same way as the normal books, I doubted they were sold that way and the price margin they were sold at wasn’t flexible.

Anyway, I’m always curious about this general business info. Guess it comes from running a business. If you don’t mind, at some point I may ask you a few more questions if you have the time, in PM’s. I know you’re busy.

Anyway, thanks for the info, Mr. Ko, I really appreciate it.

thx that answered alot for me too. and what ronin posted that’s exactly i wanted to kno too:)