Street fighter for wii


ST on the PS2 or ST supergun. Those are my thoughts.


I can’t necessarily explain it full detail, but it’s basically your own arcade CPSII board of ST. So, it’s arcade perfect and whatnot because it’s the arcade version itself.

It’s a lot better than playing HF on the 360 or SF2 on the Wii. =/

I don’t even give a damn if they put an arcade accurate SSF2T on the Wii unless it has online play.

It’s not like I don’t have a PS2.

i’m talking about playability for the wii, like how do you think the motion sensor technology will (if at all) be integrated with the game -if maybe they take street fighter to a different place on this different system.

What the fuck? Wait, are talking about an entirely new SF game or just SF2 being on the VC? If it’s the latter, then it happening. EVERYONE here plays on stick. The online play is a bonus, but stick is what matters most. Even though Chippermonkey has made a custom stick with the Wii, motion sensor would be kinda retarded, don’t you think?

If it’s the former, then good luck on that. People here are still praying at church for SF4. So far, God hasn’t delivered with the goods.

I like peanut butter.

That’s my thoughts for the moment.

If you mean using the motion sensor to do specials, no thanks. :tdown:

Motion sensors is fun and all, but it just wouldnt work well for any fighting game, let alone street fighter. which explains why Smash Bros. Brawl won’t be using the wii remote…however, MK Armageddon will use the Wii remote a.k.a a dumbass game will use some dumbass controls.