Street Fighter Gambling Markets


Hello Street Fighter people, I’m working to make hyper contextual gambling markets for SF V.

Here are a list of potential SF markets that I think would be interesting. I am looking to get ANY opinions on these markets. Any replies would be much appreciated!

A rating of 1 - 5, with 1 being a poor market, and 5 being a very strong market. Also any suggestions for new markets would be great

  1. Player B to win round 1 in < 50 seconds
    Yes / No

  2. Game 1 round 1 to end between:
    (99-70 / 69 -50 / 49-30 / 29-0)

  3. Player A will land a Critical Art in Game 1 that will end in a KO?
    Yes / No

  4. Player A or B to miss a Critical Art through the match?
    Yes / No

  5. Game 1 to end with a score of 2 -1 (rounds)to player A ?
    Yes / No

  6. Match to end with a score of 2 - 0 (games) to player B?
    Yes / No

  7. Player A to land a stun within the match?
    Yes / No

  8. Player A to land <5 crush counters in the match
    Yes / No

9 ) Number of successful throws to occur by Player A ?
( 1 - 3 / 4 - 7 / 8+ )

  1. Number of V-Reversals by player A in the match ?
    (1 - 2 / 2 - 4 / 5 - 6 / 7+ )


What’s up Rik?

  1. 3 Matchup dependant, both in terms of how the character matchup plays out and the hype behind either player.
  2. 4 Nice and general, bets will vary based on matchup but the brackets are there to allow that variance.
  3. 3 Again quite matchup dependent.
  4. 2 Too vague, does this include having the critical art stuffed, blocked, a partial hit that results in punishment or an opportunity for punishment etc? Need to define terms clearly or there could be disputes.
  5. 4 Good one, can apply to any matchup.
  6. 4 Same idea as market 5 really
  7. 4 Stuns are hype
  8. 4 Broadly applicable
  9. 4 Same as market 2 in that the brackets allow for a broader range of responses, so good in terms of the bases it covers
  10. 4 See markets 2 and 9

Overall a good mix of yes/no responses as well as markets that look for broader responses. Market 4 is quite poor though.

  1. (2) Agree with mowr, too match up specific. Also, not hype enough.
  2. (3)
  3. (4) straightforward
  4. (2) Very few miss critical arts in this game.
  5. (5) Very FGC.
  6. (5) Again very FGC.
  7. (4) I can see this working. Some chars get stun easier than others though.
  8. (3) I’ve never counted CCs in any match.
  9. (2) Same as above.
  10. (1) Character specific. Bison for example relies on his v reversal as he does not have a “get off me” move.


Hey mowr, thanks for replying, the idea is that these markets are hyper contextualised and require knowledge of the game and character match up

In hindsight, market 4 does seem too vague, I didn’t think about the possibility of partial hits

Glad to see a good number highly ranked markets.


Hey mastermx, thanks for replying

Interesting to see a large range of scores for the markets, just try to remember that I was really intending to have a variety of different markets to bet on

A clear theme I’m seeing is that the match up heavily influences the gambling market


As someone who works in this industry, you should probably just start out with basics like Money Line (winner/loser), number of rounds, and Super finishers. FGs matches very short so they are a bit harder to manage compared to stuff like LoL, Dota, CS:Go etc


Thanks for the reply ilitirit , funny name!

The general structure would be a standard market for the outright winner alongside one bonus market from a long list of markets. The list posted above would be examples bonus markets.

I agree that the parameters for events like crush counters would be harder to manage, currently they are just ideas that may be perused.