Street Fighter Game New Character Design

Last year at Brasil Game Show I had the opportunity to give this Character Design Document to Street Fighter producer, Yoshinori Ono., hoping that some I will day see South Latin America represented

You got El Fuerte. That’s all you get, sorry. You have a latin american rep. They’re not gonna split hairs and put in a north or south. It’ll just be a person from said general region/country.

Does Sean not count?

You’d have better luck with SNKP.

But only Mexico has a strong culture of lucha libre.
is like saying Canada already has their fighter with Guile.

But oh well, the Hair has to go dude

My country already has two Fighters anyway.
Blanka and Sean, and while Blanka is so ridiculously over the top stereotypical brazilian, Sean is hardly one. The only thing that screams “brazilian” on Sean is the fact the he is black. but then again, he could be just an African American from USA.

Dude… this guy needs to be a character so I can main him…

Side note, Thunder Hawk is also from Mexico.

Capcom is too one-dimensional with representation, you are better off giving it too Namco or SNKP.

Capcom when they design characters

American: "They either rich, in army, or fat.

Mexican: They say taco, so yea lets name attacks after foods and shit. Lucha Libre, OK!!

Japanese: They need to have a deep history with conflict. Not allowed to be racist here.

Jamaican: They smile and say mon a lot

Brazilian: Men are ugly and basketball players becuase they look kind of black

Taiwan: Fuck the Taiwanese they are all evil

Indian: Yoga all day and night.


I find Blanka and Sean to be dissapointing Brazilians because they don’t laugh stupidly and yell BR BR BR all the time.

Also, copying Abel’s artwork pose?

Who the hell is Taiwanese in SF?

One could say Blanka gruts are the correct way of laughing “HUASHUASHDUAHSDUHASUDHASU”

Stop being greedy. Besides Namco and SNK do better characters. Raven/Bruce>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Balrog/DeeJay.

Why are you comparing Raven & Bruce with Balrog and Dee Jay?
you should compare Bruce with Sagat, and Raven is just Wesley Snipes

I thought it was a little weird that all the white Americans were blond.

On subject that is a really interesting character nice work.

Being a black person myself, I was comparing that. If you want to get into fighting styles, I favor Tekken over SF despite liking SF.

You should probably mention Sean & Dudley then.
Sean is in my opinion the least SF character design. It’s so correct that is boring

Dudley has a pretty sweet boxing style and I’ll credit Sean for being a very different shoto that has his own unique style. Dan is pretty bad imo because he’s a joke character that’s always weak. SNKP did a joke character too but made them respectable in the sense that they can win and aren’t a trash character.

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I love me some Joke Characters.
From Zhang Jiao from DW to Megaman from SFxTK, i want to main them all
The world need more joke characters