"Street Fighter" game with story mode: How would you do it?


Imagine there was a new “Street Fighter” game and they did the same as with “Mortal Kombat”: A game that retells the most important games in the form of fixed cutscenes and fixed battles, i.e. there is a definite canon in-game story and no what-if stuff anymore. And let’s say the game includes the story line from SF1, SFA2, SFA3 and SF2.
What battles would you show?

P.S.: Unlike MK, this one wouldn’t use the time travel stuff, so please no unexpected twists due to slight differences as MK did (something like Guile dying in SFA3 instead of Charlie or Adon winning the SF1 tournament instead of Ryu). Also, while some retcons might be unavoidable, please try to do it as if this was still supposed to be the current canon. Not a game that’s explicitly set in an alternate universe (so, you cannot make Bison the one who killed Gouken/put him in a coma or Zangief being a cop working for Interpol and being Chun Li’s partner or stuff like that).


Ryu’s battle with Sagat
Ryu’s battle with Gouki
Sakura’s battle with Ryu
Dan’s battle with Sagat
Ken’s fight with Ryu
Sagat’s Fight with Ryu
Rose’s battle with Vega
Adon’s fight with Sagat.
I want to say Nothing from SFA3!
Or rather, no ending fights from SFA3, but a lot of the mid-rival and pre-vega rival fights for some story.
Ryu vs Sagat
…I’ll edit as I think some more…