Street Fighter Generations & Bang The Machine

Evolution annouces two extraordinary events… Manga Entertainment is proud to present the WORLD PREMIERE of Street Fighter Generations, the sequel to the wildy popular Street Fighter Alpha anime. This will be the first audience EVER to see this movie!

Also, after a long haitus, Bang the Machine will be making a comeback to Evolution this year. Profiling the lifestyles of some of the Street Fighter II tournament scenes top competitors, the documentary follows them from Sunnyvale to Las Vegas as they duke it out for the right to secure a spot on Team USA. The prize-a trip to Japan, home of the worlds most advanced video gaming culture, and the chance to take on the best in a championship match between the two national teams. While capturing the testosterone and near-obsessive intensity of the slick-fingered youths, director Tamara Katepoo also brings a sociological eye to the hierarchical politics rife in the East Coast / West Coast cliques, exposing a conflict that resurfaces in a volatile Tokyo showdown that threatens to tear apart Team USA. BANG THE MACHINE presents a refreshingly entertaining, insightful portrait of a youth culture tapped by a flourishing gaming industry larger than Hollywood. Intriguingly, it is a culture where the racial power structures of society at large are inverted (Asian Americans command the most respect, while the most feared and admired are the Japanese) and where American identity emerges precisely when they are confronted by a foe more foreign than any amongst them,

Executive Producer Peter Kang will be on hand to field any questions you might have about the movie. Both movies will be shown on Friday, August 12, 2005 at night. No recording devices of any kind are allowed. Also, a Evo2k badge is required to see the movie.

Visit Bang The Machine and Manga Entertainment for more information.

Damn Wizard, nice coup.

I Fucking love you Joey. No evo will top this one, Ever.

Hell Ya! ive been wanting ot see BTM since I saw it at a little indi film house in Tucson back in '01. Good job wiz. Keep it up.

Cool. Also I enjoyed reading your summary or preview or whatever you want to call it.

siiiiick :clap: :tup:

Good shit Good shit :tup: :tup: :tup:


It’s good to know that much :tup:

EDIT: BTW, is BTM ever going to dvd?

Holy shit, has BTM finally risen from the grave?


someone sneak a cam for BTM please! :stuck_out_tongue:

sure, then im taking you straight to jail afterwards =P

I’m pretty sure you guys can ask about the DVD status of BTM at Evo, no? Isn’t like the director going to be there?

I was wondering about this too.

Mr. Wizard:

What’s going to happen to BTM after it’s shown at EVO? Sales? Storage?

I’m sure there are plenty of people who would buy it.

If you don’t know, then don’t worry about this question.

Wow a new anime and a historical documentary on the usa scene. Hot stuff! :tup:

awsome news cant wait to see btm and the new alpha this is going to one historical evolution

Bang the Machine is not a historical documentary of the USA scene, it’s a biased documentary about the West Coast street fighter scene circa 2000-2001. It leaves out pretty much all of the East Coast besides the few that went to the WC for tournies in 2000, and it also does a great job of skewing the controversial “make Eddie Lee cry” fiasco when Team USA went to Japan for the invitational. It’s a great film with some funny parts, but unfortunately it’s more of a ball massage for the OG WC heads like Watson, Wizard, the Cannons, Tragic, and others, than an accurate documentary.

Not to hate on the film, because from what I hear it’s pretty funny and captures the spirit of the crowd of that time, but let’s face it, unless you are one of the people featured in the movie or you’re West Coast, you probably won’t give a damn about this biased picture. I would love to see a Bang the Machine 2 be made today, now that it’s not “all about the West Coast” anymore, there is no EC-WC rivalry, and the SF scene is pretty much struggling to survive. It would be an interesting contrast.

But the bottom line is, I won’t be watching Bang the Machine this time around just like I didn’t watch it the first time. It pretty much doesn’t apply to the SF scene at all anymore. In the words of Cartman: “Oh, geez, I’m so sleepy all of a sudden!”

However, I may stick around to watch SF Generations, but then again the Alpha series of SF anime was ass, it was the SFII animated movie that kicked butt.

ehi deifinitly no im going to watch SF Generations
maybe bang the machine
really i cant wait
i kinda liked the anime series a bit
but hey anythin for SF

Wow Phil, such an in-depth review almost makes it sound like you actually saw the movie you’re complaining about.


Well I have to agree with DSP’s review to some extent. EC hardly gets any burn except for Eddie Lee, although it didn’t help that Mr. Kang lost alot of his footage to begin with.

EC also gets no burn due to the fact that ECC5 footage to the best of my knowledge IIRC, was not allowed since the owner, Chris Cotty, would not let them use the footage

but still…shrug. It is a good movie though, no doubt and it is definetely a piece of history

For those following along, “lost” means “the editing lab where the film was being produced was just a few blocks away from the WTC on 9/11, hence most of the original footage was destroyed”. Most tragic. :crybaby: