Street fighter get togethers in liverpool?

Does anyone know of any street fighter clubs/groups/ gatherings, in or around liverpool?

yea and your not invited, so there!

Ha, your hilarious.

Well done on your talent.

thanx, i liked the part where i had a group of people in liverpool that didn’t want to play with you because your not cool enough.

btw, who the fuck lives in Liverpool?!? thats a stupid name.

Your a nob. get a life.

I have a life and a group of friends that you can’t hang out with.

I think we’ll change are groups name to no llikestuff aloud.

Well done on having friends like everyone else in the world.

I wouldnt want to ‘hang out’ with you and your super awesome cool friends.

And again nothing you said was remotely funny.

And your saying you have a name for yourselves. Funniest thing you’ve said.

No point in sucking up now, were not going to let you in.

Aww, proppa gutted.

The famous Liverpudlian sense of humour seems to have disappeared.


-Sigh twats are twats.

Not exactly famous either


This thread is quality.

this thread is the most fun ive had on srk,


And if your really 22.

Oh god

This thread is seriously giving me a boner.