Street Fighter gets a Romance system (w/ your input)


I’m bored as fuck, so don’t go thinking I’m serious about this and start flaming. This is just a little something for all the fanboys that like pairing characters together for fun, with or without logic.

Here’s the scenario. Capcom’s declining popularity with fans as of late has prompted them to make Street Fighter even more accessible to casuals than it has to be. In addition to a complete library of new bullshit scrub mechanics, they decide to add a story mode that’s more robust than MK9’s. But out of desperation and unrelenting laziness, they plan to outsource the script to BioWare. They make an announcement confirming this at Comic Con where they offer multiple endings (whether or not they keep their word, that is).

And with that announcement comes a Mass Effect-style romance system. Yeah… you play through story mode, and the character you pick can hook up with one out of several pre-arranged love interests you meet as you progress, be it another playable character or a known NPC. Each romance would produce a variable that has some impact on the ending cinematic you unlock at the end of the game.

But because BioWare had its own share of shit slung at them by angry ME fans recently, they don’t want to risk pissing off SF fans either (even though they already would have to some extent).

This leads to them collecting input from fans, and this is where you come in. Whether or not you agree with the decision to include a romance system is irrelevant. It’s gonna happen no matter what, so you get to minimize the damage, or go nuts with it and destroy the continuity with whatever pairings you propose.

So what are your romance options for the characters going to look like? XD

General 3S/3S OE Thread. NO DISCUSSING REBALANCE, unless you like INFRACTIONS!

There’s already romance system, chun li is a fucking whore in every game she’s in




I hope if I see this thread tomorrow, there will be a large .jpg of R. Mika’s front bumpers :slight_smile:


Awesome! I get to have lesbos in my SF!

Chun-Li options
Rose, Sakura, R.Mika, Elena, Viper

Cammy options
Karin, Ibuki, Juni, Juli

Sakura options
Chun-Li, Karin, R.Mika

Karin options
Cammy, Sakura, Ingrid

Rose options
Chun-Li, Karin, Ingrid, Viper

Juni options
Cammy, Juli

Juli options
Cammy, Juni

R.Mika options
Sakura, Makoto, Elena, Poison

Maki options
Cammy, Ibuki, Poison, Lucia

Poison options
R.Mika, Juri, Maki

Ibuki options
Cammy, Makoto, Elena, Juri, Maki

Elena options
Chun-Li, R.Mika, Ibuki, Makoto

Makoto options
R.Mika, Ibuki, Elena

Juri options
Ibuki, Viper, Poison

Viper options
Chun-Li, Rose, Juri

Ingrid options
Karin, Rose


Finally I can make Balrog and Sagat kiss!


That was depressing to read.


Now that’s what the fuck I’m talking about.


It better be Sagat in his speedo alt costume from SFxT.

Edit: For reference


with tongue!

i should draw this


This was already hinted at in Super Street Fighter IV.

Ryu: Why Ken, is that Brut you’re wearing?


If you think two girls jumping each other is depressing, there’s something wrong with you.


Maybe there is, I think it’s gross :U


Gotta agree on that. But are those just your own preferences, or is that all you think the game should have?


No, the men should get in on some of that ass too. I just never put much thought into it. I’ll probably post some hetero options up later.


Why does Haggar show up so much? The dude is already married has a daughter and is in his 50’s/60’s.


Oh, I didn’t know that… Well in that case…


Okay, here’s my complete overhaul with some Final Fight and Slam Masters characters added, so now I’m gonna delete my last few posts. NPCs are underlined, including the Dolls which are all in quotes. “Default” options appear first for each character.

Female options

Ibuki: Alex, Ryu, Carlos, Abel, Geki
Elena: Dee Jay, Blanka, Dudley, Alex, Hugo
Chun-Li: Abel, Charlie, Haggar, Sagat
Sakura: Ryu, Abel, Alex, Carlos
Cammy: Charlie, Ryu, Dudley
Rose: Sagat, Zeku, Dean
R.Mika: E.Honda, Hugo, Dee Jay
Juni: Dudley, Charlie, Fei-Long
Maki: Cody, Haggar, Carlos
Makoto: Yun, Ryu, E.Honda
C.Viper: Geki, Enjou, Charlie
Lucia: Dean, Haggar, Cody
B.Widow: V.Ortega, Haggar, Biff
Karin: Fei-Long, Dudley
Poison: Eagle, Roxy
Juri: Vega
Juli: T.Hawk

Male Options

Ryu: Sakura, Ibuki, Ojou, Makoto, Cammy
Charlie: Cammy, Chun-Li, Juni, “Aprile”, C.Viper
Dudley: Juni, Elena, “Decapre”, Cammy, Karin
Fei-Long: Karin, “Xiayu”, “Jianyu”, Juni
Sagat: Rose, “Santamu”, “Satsuki”, Chun-Li
Alex: Ibuki, Sarai, Sakura, Elena
Abel: Chun-Li, “Fevrier”, Sakura, Ibuki
Blanka: Kei, Elena, "Noemblu"
E.Honda: R.Mika, “Satsuki”, Makoto
Dee Jay: Elena, “Noemblu”, R.Mika
Haggar: B.Widow, Maki, Lucia, Chun-Li
Carlos: “Satsuki”, Maki, Ibuki, Sakura
Geki: C.Viper, “Satsuki”, Ibuki
Yun: Makoto, Haoimei, Sarai
Hugo: “Marz”, R.Mika, Elena
Eagle: Poison, Roxy
Cody: Maki, Lucia
Biff: “Decapre”, B.Widow
V.Ortega: “Enero”, B.Widow
Dean: Lucia, Rose
Vega: Juri
T.Hawk: Juli

There should really be a group pairing option for this game. Lol.


Sounds fun. I’ll try some. Some of them may be too comical or creepy (ignore at will), while others are more serious.

Ryu’s easiest romance to achieve would be Sakura, followed by Akuma and Sagat. Not sure on Ken. Chun Li and Ojou would be the premium, hardest ones.

For Ken, I see Eliza, Maki, Karin and Ryu. Besides those, Jane for kicks, or even better, Guile (can you imagine the look on their wives’ faces?).

For Chun Li it would be Charlie if alive, Cammy, Guy and Ryu as the normal ones, with Juri and Vega being the twisted options. At some point are you given the option to fuck with Gen for fighting lessons, but there’s no relationship because he’s a jerk.

Sakura’s premium option would be Ryu, with the alternatives being Karin, Ibuki, Dan and Blanka.

For Guile, besides Jane/Julia, it would be funny/creepy to have Sakura.

Not sure on the potential of this when playing a possible evil campaign, but I smell lots of creepy stuff coming from Bison and his ambiguous sexuality (his squad of underage girls as well as his female clone and his female half), and raping from Vega and Juri.


What the fuck is going on in here.