Street Fighter goes LIVE

**Street Fighter Anniversary collection gets the LIVE treatment;

Good job Capcom. You’re going to bring Street Fighter into the 21st century. Great news for fighting fans, and Xbox owners.

Street Fighter 3:TS with online play! Hell yes!

I was just gonna post this. :o

But yes, this is great news. First GGX2 #Reload with LIVE support and $20, and now Third Strike LIVE!:smiley:

I’m lovin’ my 'box right now.

What a news. That’s just too good for words.

**Not only 3rd Strike Sai, but being able to play pretty much every version of SF2 as well.

Simply put, this is going to be awesome.**

News of the century!

Wow and this thread ain’t a sticky?

Hmm, well it could end up being a sticky after almost every member reads up on this news and busts a nut all over their screen over SF finally going online in America for home consoles (other then CVS2).:confused:



i concur…

**I seriously doubt the PS2 version is going to be online. Its already out in Japan, and the domestic release is pretty close.

Too close to add online play.

Also since NO other PS2 fighter is online, I seriously doubt Capcom is going to break the trend. Capcom does have experience with XBL though, which is probably why they went with Xbox for online play.

Sucks for 2D fans who have considered the PS2 their primary console for 2D fighting games. Its becoming clear now with the release of GGXX:R, SvC, KoF (rumored), CvS2, and now SF2/SF3 all with online play that the Xbox is the new home of 2D fighters for all 2D fighting fans. That is afterall, every major 2D fighter franchise with the LIVE option.**

From what i hear Xbox is much easier to develop online play for. You practically just extend their online classes to work with your game and its’ done and MS handles the internal workings of XBL. PS2 drops a modem in your lap and are like ‘ok its your problem now’.

There’s your mistake right there. Many mvc2 players don’t even play any of the SF’s. A lot of them only play marvel, some of them never played SF in their life.

As good as this seems to be, I’m not going to pass judgement until I play it on Live. Mostly because I hate CvS2 on Live so friggin much.


Yes, I have been waiting a LOOONG time for this one…


  • Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO on XBL
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (not online :-()
  • Metal Slug 3 coming soon
  • Guilty Gear X2 #Reload on XBL coming soon
  • SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom on XBL coming soon
  • KOF 2002/2003 expected to come to XBL (SNK wants all
    their Xbox games to have Live support in some form or other)
  • Samurai Shodown 5/5 Special coming soon
  • Metal Slug 4/5
  • Midway Arcade Treasures 2 (all 3 Klassik Kombats included)

and now SF: ANIVERSARY EDITION on LIVE??? (Hopefully, the servers will be better than those for CvS2, and ships with no plaguing issues)

Xbox is “it” for 2D games, plus I cannot forget about the 3D online fighters like DOA Ultimate, MK: Deception, and Iron Phoenix? Xbox CAN’T be contested now…

(God, I’m such a fanboy)

Good luck parrying in 3s with all the lag…Is that why no one plays P on Xbox Live?

The hell? I’ve had quite a few lag-free games on LIVE, and plenty of people use P Groove. I’ve just started playing CvS2 EO on LIVE 2 months ago, and I encounter a lot of class P Groove players parrying the shit out of me.

Whilst I diddnt buy my PS2 for fighters(my DC hanldles that), I still really fucking hope Capcom releases SF:AE for the PS2 with online play. I REALLY dont feel like plunking down $130 for another console(keeping up with my PC and PS2 is expensive enough), then plunking down another $80-100 for a decent stick =P. If anything, Sony will put emphasis on online play for a domestic release. It should boost game/adapter sales by a pretty good margin.

so it’ll be 50 bucks for the game another 200 for the system, another 125 for a stick, and 100 bucks for the live support right? damn u capcom… i need to save now.

to be honest, i really dont care.

Online play just isnt the same. When you have friends that play and you play at the arcade a lot…playing online with the lag sucks! I could care less about the XBOX having online play because of this.

Even if they put online play on ps2, which is what i have, i wouldnt even make much use of the online function.

There is nothing wrong with online play as long as you play just for fun. We all know lag screws people over and if you keep that mindstate then it’s all good. That being said alot of the connections i’ve had on live with cvs2 were pretty good. You’d have to try it yourself to see how good some of the connections can really get.

Wow, you’re right, everybody who plays fighting games has tons of friends who live real close to them and can go to the arcade anytime they want, wow being able to have competition from all over the us anytime you want really sucks, as does actually being able to play people when you live in a shitty are. Oh my God, did my accidental sarcasm take hold of me again, I guess it did, what I meant to say was your post is pointless, and just because you won’t use it doesn’t mean others won’t. God I’m so sick of this “I don’t even want online play in the game” bullshit. I mean, does the idea of having one more option at the menu really offend you that much, nobody is making these games online only or anything, who cares if there is lag or not, it still takes NOTHING away from the version it would have been sans online play, so does bringing new players to the game and possibly even improving people’s skills really get your panties in that much of a bunch, Jesus Christ people, quit being inane philestines and shut the fuck up.

/Rant mode