Street Fighter Guidance

Hi, I’m trying out street fighter 3 but don’t really know where to begin. I’ve read up and tried the trial mode and arcade mode, however it feels as if I’m a fish out of water gasping for air rather than learning. You can watch my first (of many hopefully) online fight at I’d greatly appreciate any advice on how to approach learning this game. Thanks.

btw, I forgot to mention…I’m ken in the replay

Block more.

Okay, more elaborate reply: You only blocked one thing the whole match. Yeah, you parried most of his fireballs, that’s cool. But he had the life lead. What does he care if you’re parrying all of his fireballs? He could just run out the clock and build meter for next round if you don’t go on the offensive. Also, fullscreen “just do it” supers/EX srks are a no-no. It should be pretty obvious as to why…

yeah if you’re not on the offense or positioning you should be blocking. Also stop doing unsafe jumpins, especially with ken lol

LOL, that Ryu was definitely feeling himself.

If you’re playing a shoto(which everyone should be), full screen tatsu is good for getting in, fireball from far away is also a good way to damage them if they mess up the parry. If you’re up close then always try to parry, because if you block then you don’t get anything, but if you parry then you get a full combo! Wake-up SRK makes them respect you when you get up, so try to do at least a couple in every match. xx super is good to do randomly sometimes, but don’t try to hit confirm it, it’s too fast.

And remember, KEEP IT RANDOM. They can’t know what you’re gonna do next if you don’t know what you’ll do next :smiley:

i really like that dudes mashed out shin sho into way too early joudan. good shit good shit.

uhm stop doing everything you were doing. go into training. learn the spacing of ken’s normals. get a feel for how and when they hit, how quickly they recover. just really get comfy with them. dont try to be flashy, win with basic shit and you’ll be working towards a good foundation from which you’ll build later on.

take it slow and have fun. if it ceases to be fun, take a break and come back later. you will feel discouraged. just know even the best players posting here have felt like they suck at one point. it’s a really fun game, enjoy it. good luck.

why play as a shoto when you can play as a ninja?

Thanks a lot for the advice. I guess I have a long way to go. I’ve tried a few more matches consciously thinking about blocking and I feel I got a bit farther. Though I do need to learn how to not whif and choose the right normals at the right time rather than just pressing buttons…

Here are the replays of my other matches (sorry if it’s painful to watch…) and