Street fighter Hardcover in the U.S.?

Its been a while since i posted since the “unpleasentness” that happened in the forum some time ago, but when read this month’s Previews mag i’m just suprised noone posted this sooner:

Other than the fact the of this VERY MUCH asked book has a cover of Ryu looking like he was freaking jesus with a gi (props to Alvin) I got some Questions?

  1. About the short stories and back-ups, will they be chronological order or will they all be in the back of the book?Same goes for SFmini and Cheapshots.

  2. Is it a Hardcover or a very large softcover?

  3. Will it have commentary or word from the creators or fans about it?

  4. Will the guest artist covers be in it?

If SFD or Udoneko or Sano read this, please read this and answer some of my questions.
Everyone else, discuss on what you think about this.
Just keep it clean:lol: i’m jokin’ ya’ll say wat u feel:lol:

i hate collecting large comic books =(
but it’s a good idea though. it’s much easier to flip through one book than 14 of them. =]

Glad to hear they’re putting them out in a larger format, I’m still upset with the TPBs being manga size. It’s also nice to have all them backup stories too. I want to see this Jesus Ryu…

hate collecting large comic books =(
but it’s a good idea though. it’s much easier to flip through one book than 14 of them. =]


what’s up man, you going to SDCC this yr?

Unless you typed it wrong, there’s “SC” in there. SC = Softcover.

Which is crap.

Thanks man, i needed to know which type of cover its going to be. :tup:

Hello Sammuraiblade! Good questions!

I am actually the project lead for the Ultimate Edition. So you’re askin
the right guy. smiles Now for the answers…

  1. If you noticed… a lot of back-up stories did not actually relate to the issue
    at hand. Sometimes a backup story would relate to like 6 issues back! What we
    decided to do here is to arrange the back-up stories to match the main storyline
    as it flows. (WARNING: the following example has a spoiler for those who haven?t
    already read the books!) So for example, the back-up story when Adon fights
    Sagat is placed just before the chapter when Adon fights Ryu. That’s because
    Adon tells Ryu the tale of why Sagat left his students, but to us (the readers),
    we can have a little in-depth look just before the chapter begins. So, for the first
    time readers, they will go "OOOHHH? THAT?S HOW IT HAPPENED!!!"
    This is especially nice for those who did not read the back-up stories and had
    only the opportunity to get the trade paperbacks.

Cheap Shots / SF Mini are collected as a “bonus chapter”. You’ll see. thumbs up

  1. The Ultimate Edition is soft cover. We designed the book to look and feel like
    the Eternal Challenge book. It is even the same size! Now put them side-by-side…
    ?ouuuu… ahhhhh…?, I wonder what our next book will be… wink Now, for the
    hard-cover fan… (ahem…Time_Stop)… there are actually TWO versions of Ultimate Edition!
    cough con exc choke?. dif cov art cough ?.
    Sorry? had to clear my throat.

  2. Nope. This is strictly 450 pages of Comic Book action! NO ADS!!!

    That is… from the first 2 arcs of course!

I hope this answers your questions and gives you more insight on this ULTIMATE EDITION!

Now that is AWESOME, worth 50 dollars! Every cover, and etc.!? Awesome, I’m getting this without a doubt.

When is an expected release date?

Sooner than expected. :wgrin: Trust me.

“Ultimate Edition”,huh. Might as well call it “Absolute Street Fighter”. Oh, well. At least it’s over-sized and loaded.