"STREET FIGHTER HD REMIXXX" HD Remix @ V94 - 2/8 - West Covina, CA


Video 94
9050 La Puente Rd
West Covina, CA 91792


** February 8th
Sign ups at noon, starts at 1pm.


HD Remix

on PS3

(if someone can take a 360 (or another ps3) w/ a TV I’ll cover your entrance fee.) Let me know if you feel like being nice and wanna help.

If you bring a small HDTV, please bring component cables. Using composite cables on an HDTV will make it lag.

Entry Fee:

$5 to enter + $1 venue fee.

Split: 70-20-10


Standard 2/3 games
Double Elim

3/5 Grand Finals

32 man bracket will be used.


Pre-Registration not mandatory, but I would like it so i can get a better idea of how many people to expect.

  1. shoo
  2. PuFF
  3. Shiggle
  4. Bobino
  5. dbostick
  6. Dae
  7. Cesar
  8. CSB
  10. Megamanpb
  11. SweetJohnnyV
  12. MtSacKid
  13. Mike Ross
  14. Bryant
  15. KillerKai
  16. ChaiThai
  17. Andrew
  18. pickelARM
  19. EvilJ
  20. Dan’s Student
  21. Wicked Element
  22. THE LEGEND of Lore
  23. P Gorath
  24. psychedelicbeat

You have piqued my interest good sir. Depending on the date I will attempt to come. Sounds like a ton of fun.

Gotta get some practice in.

Shoo, we may consider doing this on the same day as the SF4 tourney. I was talking to a few people today to get feedback, and it looks like a lot of players prefer to play on the same day as the SF4 tourney because they’ll have something to do while waiting, and most players told me they wouldn’t drive down for an HD Remix tournament. Hit me up on AIM and we’ll talk about it. I talked to Dave about it also already.

Edit: Oh and sign me up.

ill play in it

we have a date! February 8th

Same date as SF4 2v2

If youre going to one


I’m in for HDR for sure.

hmm… count me in as a maybe :V

Hey Shoo i might come down for this i’ll let you know like in a week cause i have to see if i can get it off for work i would also bring down like two 360’s and two tv’s

Sign me up!
You have sticks right? I can’t play on pads.

good shit man :tup:

do you have sticks too? I dont have any for 360 :confused:

of course sir :clapdos:

did u ask the owner already if he was cool with bringing in a TV and setting all this shit up?

i talked to him already, ross.


Can I bring my custom PS3 stick?

Hm…Thinking of going, its about an hour drive for me… I have a custom modded HRAP3. Bring your own stick???

I’ll try my HARDEST to come, it’s not too far at all. Just might be busy. But yeah sign up TheGreench!

Yo! You’ll be heading north to get there anyways, I’m on the way. Give me a ride! :coffee:


not mandatory, but strongly preferred.

emphasis on strongly

Count me in Shoo. I think SweetJohnnyV might be up for it too, but I’m not sure.

I can also help out with the 360 if needed.

im in there like swimwear

So there will be sticks for us to use?

Do we have to use the same chars throughout the tourney?

If you ask someone i’m sure they will lend you a stick.

Bringing your own is preferred.