"STREET FIGHTER HD REMIXXX" HD Remix @ V94 - 2/8 - West Covina, CA

sign me up



Put my name down too. Bob let me borrow your pad :slight_smile:

I’m gonna know for sure if I can make it to this by Tuesday. Do you need another PS3? TV isn’t a guarantee but I’m down to bring my PS3.

shoo i’m a maybe still debating

sign me up

Sign me up buddy!

I wanted to make a quick list on who’s bringing what (i appreciate it btw <333)

if you wanna help out with a PS3, 360 or TV let me know via aim and ill write you up.

id only need 2 set ups and if you do bring one of either ill cover your entry fee! (not the $1 for the house lol)

so let me know via aim or PM if you want me to sign you up

also if you are going to bring a stick post on the thread.

its 100% BYOStick

I’m there

So it’s $5 per team or person?
Also to enter do I need a partner?
Is this the correct link or should I sign up on the other one?

Here’s my stick it’s for PS3 only atm I’m trying to get it setup for 360

yes +$1 for the venue

no, it doesnt say teams anywhere

yes, here. It say’s HD remix in the title.

Sweet it’s only 45 min from my place sign me up!!!

PS I could bring my ps3 if you still need one oh and I can record matches too if the tv has the right output

I got Chai for PS3+TV

Cesar for TV

and im taking my ps3+converter(s)


only a few more dayssssssssssssss

i dont have a stick, i’m gonna walk in with my entry fee. are you cool with that?


entry fee + $1 venue fee, yes.

i gues i’ll see u there. no sf4 for me (no partner)

is Video94 like a game store or what?

I think I will try to make it, though it seems a little far away.

If anyone in the 90027 area wants a ride, let me know

I’m in 2x 9 and 16

no, its a video store, but it just happens to have tekken 6 and SF4 in their own corner. he is planning on eventually expanding it into a mini arcade, but for now, it’s a video store.

Enter SF4 dude. I’m sure you’ll find a partner there. If I find you a partner, you’re playing.

shh, dont let em know. now you get TWO chances to become teh WINNAAAR!