Street Fighter HF 360

Is this game worth the 800points?

i only have 1600 at the moment
and i have Aniversiry collection on my ps2 and Super street fighter II TurboX on my dreamcast

Plus im definatly going to get HD remix

So the only reason im really considering this is becuase im a fan and its online.

So is the online for this game still active? right now its between this and SOTN
im also a big castlevania fan. but i also have this game on the PSX so i dunno

thanks for reading

I wouldn’t get the 360 SOTN, since it’s basically a port of the PSX one, no extras.

The only reason I would get Hyper Fighting is if I wanted to play people online, and if I really like Hyper Fighting over a bunch of the other Street Fighters, or just to have something tide you over.

SOTN is coming out on PSP as well.


…ok, only when you get matched up with some random European, Australian, or South American country. Unplayable, that’s for sure.

If you’re fortunate to get a U.S. player (which is about 60% of the time, depending on the time of day), you usually get a pretty good connection with minimal amounts of lag.

for approximately 10 bucks, i think it’s fine.

Symphony of the Night is an exact PS1 port (supposedly with touch-ups on graphics), but hot-damn, it still is one of the best games out there for the 360. If you already have it, save the points for something else.

The game is a Dracula X remake or some shit like that, but its supposed to come with a port of SOTH as an extra.

Isn’t there misplaced sound bytes in HF 360 (i.e. Chun making Blanka noises)?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t get SF but you should definately get SOTN if you’ve never played it. It’s an awesome game.

I haven’t bought 360 turbo because I don’t have a stick or a gold subscription, lol. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one before HDST comes out.

I love HF and I play that tons more than my copy of SOTN. I don’t have major lag problems.

HF on the 360 is good.

Stick to the quarter lobbies though.

erm…getting stuck with out-of-country matches SUCK.

i know you’ve gone through that misery.

Only when she’s gettin’ that good lovin’…

I know this is alittle off topic. but i seem to be losing those green things under my name?

what are those exactly?

sorry im still getting to know srk

Don’t worry, they won’t be there much longer.

Haha my brother dated a girl who did that. Our walls were way too thin.

i gathered that much lol… just wondering what they are.

i went through that the first week. After that i started checking everyones location, now 99% of my matches don’t have problems

well i downloaded it… im ok… i could be better but i think i do fairly well against most players…

however there are some guys that just beat me up pretty good.

Though my ranked record wont reflect me verywell… my current record is somthing like 7-17 over 24 matches. BUT there have been about 6 matches where i man handled my opponent just for them to disconnect.

i also get alot of people who pick e-honda just to try to get me in a corner and hundred hand slap me to death.

i remeber on one occasion i just did a light hurricane kick to get over the slap and it worked so well that i nearly double perfected my opponent.(BTW i use Ken) BUT yet again he disconnected on me… very frustrating.

So i am taking a previous posters advice and just playing quater matches.