This is DJames Goddard, the original designer of SFII Hyper Fighting.

While this is not Street Fighter, or fighting game related, I wanted to share with you all the news of my company’s 1st xbla game- the news story at GS is right here:
update: new IGN coverage with some ship info:

update- last one: (read this for sure for fighting engine info)

For the last 17 years, I have dedicated myself to doing fighting based games, this is no different. While a space game, the engine and the ships were created using the same techniques and balance theory’s that make fighters so awesome. This is such a different game for myself and co-street fighter designer David Winstead (SSFII & SSFIIT) who is also on the project! Best of all, the game is done by mostly 1st time developers who love fighting games and put their passion into this genre to bust it wide open.

Check out the game and let me know what you think! We will be doing balancing soon, key figures on the board and here in AZ know how to reach me if you want to help.

Company Site:

Hey guys, just letting you know that DJames is the real deal. Both James and Dave have been in the industry for quite a while and have worked on some of our favorite SF games.

When I was out in Arizona a couple weeks ago, I had a chance to meet the team and check out the game, and let me tell you, it’s definitely shaping up to be a barnburner! Obviously it’s not a 2D fighting game, but the theories behind the design, balancing, and tuning have come from a solid foundation.

Though I’m not sure how much I can say, I can tell you that when I first saw the idea for the game over a year ago I assumed it was going to be like SubSpace (great game!). However, after finally seeing it in action, it’s definitely a different breed. The game is quick… real quick. If SubSpace was the SFII of space games, then Shred Nebula is definitely the Marvel!

Keep your eyes peeled as I’m sure some more info is coming soon!

Im not really a shooter fan, but i bet some of the other members will find it interesting

If you are who you say you are… you cocreated DeeJay ? Any interesting stories about that?

OT: I did enjoy the first Buffy game for og xbox.

Wow! This game is going to be awesome. If it is anything like SFII Hyper Fighting, I can’t wait to play it.

well hyper fighting is one of my all time favorite fighting games. James Goddard I think got hyper fighting started since people were hacking CE to make it run faster. and i think he created deejay too. i still got that tomo SF training video where james is showing Guile’s “redizzy combo” on a pad.

Nice, keep up the good work. I’ll support once I purchase an xbox360.

goddard is the real deal. the man is a genius designer thats always ahead of the game! cough…weaponlord…cough.

game looks great, and i have high hopes for it. i wish you and your crew the best of luck on this!!!

and i still need to get one of your shirts, i love that shit

Shred Nebula looks and sounds interesting. :tup:


this guy designed one of my fave games ever. ftw.

I will be looking out for this game.

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Thanks for the info James.

I’ll be sure to check it out.

Good to hear the news James. Met you at a random cigarbob meet before the big AZ tourney in 06 and was fucking inspired beyond belief with all the shit you managed to show us you put into Weaponlord. Really wish someone would have recorded that session, it was amazing. Can’t wait to see your new project!

Infraction removed. Company website readded.

Keep in mind that James and Dave are two of the reasons that the SF community even exists. Without the games, there would be no reason for the site!

Good luck with your first XBLA game! I’ll check it out when it becomes available.

Update on the the new game, we are getting more press and starting to reveal more about the multiplayer & fighting aspects of the ships in this article:

On a different note- Street Fighter IV news is exciting! I wish I could get my hands on that as a consultant! :arazz:

I’m growing into a huge shmup fan so I’ll make sure to check this game out.

And thank you for Dee Jay.

Are you the man who gave Ryu and Ken air hurricane?


James, is there any progress in buying back the rights to WeaponLord from those cockbags at Namco?

Kens Air Hurricane & WL answers

Ken/Ryu Air= Yes, after looking at the rainbow crap CE mods & seeing how excited people were about all the silly things you could do, I went back and talked to pros at Sunnyvale GL, Tomo and crew in So-Cal and some other players I had met while traveling for Capcom (before bbs, before internet, you actually had to make friends by traveling and fighting them karate movie style LOL!). I designed 99% of most of the moves in Hyper and personally flew to Japan to make it happen, muscled the balance and such.

WeaponLord: I spent all the money I had on Shred NebulaWL is down the road if Namco is down with either selling it or letting it live again. It is pretty funny just how many things that game did 1st and some things still not to this day. The AZ SF meet mentioned above where I showed WLs full system potential to a bunch of seriously hardcore pro SF players (I think I got my ass stomped playing hyper that night a few times!!) really was a trip- I could not tell if anyone was even impressed at 1st because the game is really old, yet by the time it was done (guard drops, weapon breaks, 3 levels of parries (thrust blocks/deflects/power deflects) staggers, hair-chops, death combos) the pros seemed surprised. If I even do that game again, I will retain all that is original and deep, but I have to make it way more accessible and fun (without neutering it). Dave Winstead also works at CrunchTime Games so believe me, it is VERY much something we talk about doing when the money and planets align.

Thanks again for all the support. I also posted some SFIV thoughts on my blog (hit link in my signature).