Street Fighter: Hyper Fighting side tourney possible?

I was at EVO last year and I saw alot of classic and obscure fighting games in the BYOC section. However, I was surprised that this wasn’t in the mix (at least I didn’t see it). Any possibility of HF being at EVO at some point this year?

I’m playing with the idea of hauling my cab in for Evo and I do have a Hyper Fighting board. If it happens, I’ll either do a tournament or at the very least keep HF running for casuals.

That game is so broken, it would probably be fun. It’s like the XSF of the SFII series.

wtf, uhm, you thinking of the right game? hyper fighting, AKA sf2 turbo… without a doubt, the best balanced sf game in existence, and a fucking classic. xsf of the sf2 series, lol

Please bring this amazing drug to EVO so that I can share in the fun. SPDs from nearly half screen, Blanka dropping balls on your head (that half the cast can’t do shit about), and KEN DP MADNESS! If this ain’t XSF I don’t know what it is.

Thanks for your worthless and baseless opinion. Feel free to not play the game while the rest of us enjoy ourselves. :tup:

HF broken, ahaha. NKI told me once that HF is more balanced than ST (but less fun, he said). I wish it got more play, I never liked ST nearly as much.

Broken like a fox! Maybe you’re thinking of rainbow edition or the magic grab from super. Or maybe they’re all jumbled in your mind. HF is legit.

That would be dope! I would totally sign up for a HF tourney.

What’s good, Johnny? Basically, if the homie can help me out with his truck, the cab will be @ Evo and old man arcade games of many types will be played. No guarantee about a tournament, because I’m not gonna lie - I’m lazy as fuck about that stuff. We’ll see when Evo rolls around tho.

tourney or not, I would just like to play this game. With Watson and company last year at EVO I was surprised no one brought it.

you don’t know what it is

Hey man! I hear ya on the lazy part. Also, it tends to be hard to get side tournies actually rollin at Evo. Either way, sounds like fun to me :wgrin:

everyone was balanced in HF, except Dictator,he was shit/nerfed because of how good he was in CE

This is probably the only game that would get me to EVO, along with a lot of old school players from the past. A big money tournament would probably bring a lot of people out.

Not to mention that ST/HDR players would probably join the side tourney, if it wasn’t at the same time as the main tourney.

I always wanted to know why the HF community doesn’t hold side tourneys at EVO or other majors. Even though I much prefer ST/HDR, I still like to get down with HF every once in a while. That game is just pure footsies, from beginning to end.

The HF community needs to stand up and and keep this game alive. Somebody get Watson/Cigarbob/whoever to get a HF cab to EVO, and make that ish mad hype!

Your SIG can I have whet you smokin. That shit would make me a fucking Millionaire

LOL I’m getting trolled by a 3S fanboy? Shouldn’t you be crying about 3S not being at EVO anymore? LOL Go back to watching Daigo’s parry video, since that is what got you to play 3S in the first place, noob. 3S forums are thattaway ---->

This is about keeping HF alive.

I’m pretty sure his tastes in fighting games (SF2) are infinitely better than yours (SF3).

Bump, is this happening?

Yes, HF will be @ Evo. Let’s hope the old folks are OK with Sanwas: