Street Fighter I info

Similar to SF2, I have made a fight list for SF1. This shows who faught who and is as acurate as can be given all the information. Please open the file attached to the next post before continuing…

I have left out the last fight which is Ryu vs Sagat to save file space. This is defo from the huge scar Sagat has.


Adon is promoted to quarter finals as he is Sagats student. Sagat is promoted to Semi-finals as he is the king of the hill. Note that this is the only way that the tournament would work with 12 players.

In the game you face 2 fighters in each country. Notice that the ones that make it to the quarter finals are all 2nd players (i.e. the harder ones) from their country, and with the exception of Gen, all those that lose in the first round are 1st players.

The Fights:

*Ken vs Joe *- Official artwork (In the background of poster with Ryu doing a blazing kick).

*Ryu vs Ken *- Known fact that Ryu beat Ken in SF1 (In SFA I think)

*Eagle vs Adon *- Art from SFA shows Eagle and Adon pre-match.

*Geki vs Mike *- Poster from SF1 (In the background of poster with Ryu in stace position in front of Mount Rushmore).

*Ryu vs Adon *- Known fact that Ryu beat Adon in SF1 (In SFA I think)

*Mike vs Birdie *- SFA3 dialog suggests this happened. Mike and Birdie know each other in SFA3 (both in each others endings). The only SF1 charachter Birdie meets is Mike, and one of his quotes is along the lines of “Oh, what!? … Before? I looked pale because I was sick”, so he must have said it to Mike (Bison).

*Mike vs Sagat *- No proof but I think this is why Mike was made a Shadaloo boss. He must have impressed them by making it to the semi-finals in SF1. Makes sence if you think about it.

*Ryu vs Gen *- No proof but if someone was to beat Gen, it would have to be Ryu. Not because Ryu is better, but because Gen may let him win so that Ryu becomes a great warrior someday.

*Lee vs Geki *- No proof but I think Geki had some links to Shadaloo as Vega seems to share similarities with him. Also, I think Lee was an agent against Shadowloo but no proof as such.

Anyone have any views on my matches? Please let me know.

Mohammed Ali

As the picture didn’t come up on the post above, I am posting it here.

Mohammed Ali

Wait a second didn’t Ken Face off against Akuma During SF1.

Ken wasn’t involved in the SF1 tournament, storyline-wise. Wasn’t he competing in the All American Fighting Championship during/around that time??

There is still no concrete proof that Mike and Mike Bison are one in the same.

As far as Gen and Ryu is concerned, there is dialog in the Japanese Versions of the SFZ Games that indicates the two never met before.

The leading theory is that Retsu took out ailing Gen in SF1. Gouken being a friend of Retsu’s prolly sent him there so Gen doesn’t kill Ryu - Gen for the most part Gen kills his opponents. After that, Retsu went easy on Ryu and lost.

Of course, this Theory’s a little screwy since in the comic, while being unofficial, Retsu is a scrub that got beat up by baby SNH Ryu and someone at Capcom of Japan prolly Okayed that so…

I wish they had started the comic on SF1. I remember playing the gams in arcades a few months before SF2 hit - it wasnt that great a game, but it had something interesting going on. It felt more like a tournament than SF2, actually.

Even if SF1 took only two issues of the comic or so, even if they didnt show all the fights. SF1 had Ken, Ryu, Sagat, Birdie, Adon. More than enough to get some good stuff there. PLus, they could show what Bison and even Guile and Chun-li were up to back then. I dont know the cronology, but im certain they were doing something

I hate the “fast-fast-fast” mentality of everything nowadays. All we get from this need to rush throught things is poor development. The Sagat sub-plot ended completelly random and badly done. A person reading the TPB will probably just ask “who is this guy?”, considering theres no back-ups to save their asses.


So true. The Trade Paper Back was a huge disapointment for me, because i wanted to let my friends borrow it and i wanted to see the stuff that i missed from issue zero.


Yer sooo right. I totally agree, dude. Perhaps in the future, Udon will release a couple (maybe more) special issues that focus on the SF1 tournament. That would be badass.

You did’nt read issue Zero?
Don’t worry. Issue zero was’nt much. It’s probaly the shortest issue of Street Fighter. The issue was just focusing on Ryu at the time. nothing much.

#0 was in the TPB.

I hate the fact that Capcom doesn’t really make it’s plots concrete, they’re all full of possiblities that people bicker about for ages. If you’ve ever been to a Capcom forum you can see fans coming up with theories to how one of the game’s ends all the time, because nobody ever seems to actually know. The only plot thing I know about SF1 is that Ryu beat Sagat, well everyone knows that.

The official story actually has Ryu winning with a cheap shot as he is getting up I believe. That’s why Sagat is so consumed with revenge.

As far as the original post goes, that’s some good theorizing there!

Never heard that one before. Akuma had nothing to do with the first SF tourny. At least in SF2 he came to beat Bison (though not as an official enterent).

Ken was involved in SF1 as he is a playable character in the game. I believe it is also implied in some SFA games that Ryu beat him in SF1, though I haven’t checked for any quotes.


If we are going by Capcom Japan, I think it is fairly implicit that they are the same even if Capcom do not state so. We all know that the reason why they don’t is due to Mike Tyson potentially sueing them. They never outright deny the fact yet cannot confirm it for legal reasons.




Never heard this before but I think its quite flawed. Retsu is the first person you fight when you go to Japan with Geki being the second. This suggests that he is not all that powerful. Gen OTOH is a second so he IS powerful. We also know this from SFA. Gen would kill Retsu any day.

What I heard about Retsu was that he went and faught in SF1 to prove to Gouken that he is ready to learn things like the dragonpuch and the hadoken. After his fight he reaslied that although he practised fighting, he didn’t have the heart of a warrior like Ryu and Ken did, and so he left. Can’t recall where I heard this so take it with a pinch of salt.

The only dialog between Ryu and Gen is in SFA3 and is as follows:

Gen: I didn’t think anyone could withstand my honed skills… I see the world
is yet an interesting place to live in!
Ryu: Your fighting style… It’s used for killing people, isn’t it?
Gen: And what if it is?
Ryu: You are strong! I can sense your power just by looking at you…
(After the fight.)
Gen: I don’t understand… Your style is pure… It is not like mine. But why
do I feel so empty when I look within…?
Perhaps it is because I use the “assassin’s fist”… Or…is it because of the
power he has flowing through him…?

As you can see, in the pre-battle dialog, Gen talks about Ryu being able to withstand his skills suggesting they must have faught before (i.e. SF1). Ryu is asking him about his fighting style because of what he has learnt about Akuma etc and is therefore only now realising these things and can sence the power.

Any further questions???

Mohammed Ali

While you make some good points concerning Gen & Retsu, yer completely wrong about everything else. You obviously don’t know yer SF that well and haven’t read the plot guide. Seriously, I don’t know where to begin correcting you, so I won’t bother. Maybe/hopefully someone else has the motivation to do it. I advise you to get your facts straight before you open your mouth. Ya can’t be part of the discussion if you don’t know the material, am I right?
FYI, the theory sano mentioned was suggested by saiki. While saiki is very knowledgable of SF’s official storyline info, I wouldn’t call it the leading theory. It’s just saiki’s personal theory.
Also, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t Retsu’s motivation for participating in the SF1 tournament. That is, unless you prefer/follow Capcom USA’s version of the storyline :rolleyes:. Even so, I think you’re still wrong. He’s not Gouken’s student, according to the Japanese storyline. However, they were old friends.
While Ken was a playable character in SF1, he wasn’t involved in the SF1 tournament, according to the Japanese version of the storyline. He was competing in the All American Fighting Championship at the time. That’s why you never hear/read anything about his experience in the SF1 tournament, 'cuz he wasn’t there. Besides, he was only playable during vs. mode.

Did I forget to point that out? But yeah, what happened to Gen is the only real mystery to me regarding SF1. It’s pretty obvious Ryu beat everyone else since he is the only selectable character. Heck, we still know more about SF1 than we know about SF2.

I have read the plot guide but some of the things are conjectures, made in a similar manor to the way I am.

As for SF, I have been following the series since it was first released, and have spent a lot of time playing the games, not to mention countless hours looking at anything related to it etc so its a bit harsh to say I don’t know my SF.

FYI, the theory sano mentioned was suggested by saiki. While saiki is very knowledgable of SF’s official storyline info, I wouldn’t call it the leading theory. It’s just saiki’s personal theory.

And although I respect Sakis views, I don’t agree that Retsu beat Gen on the basis explained earlier. There is no evidence to suggest it either.

The point I was making is that I have heard other theories that give other extremes on who Retsu is (though I cant recall from where). Hence it is best not to take it as anything more than a theory as I can’t verify it. Similarly I imagine the same to be true for Sakis theory as it seems counter-intuitive that someone such as Gen could lose to Retsu. This may not be clear from what I had written so I understand how you may misunderstood me.

Then why is it that there is art of Ken fighting Joe on the poster. At the end on the day, I wouldn’t be surprised if even Capcom doesnt fully knows who faught who - but when making my list of SF1 fights I used artwork as one of the determinants.

I respect much of the info in the plot guide by Tiomat but I can’t just take it for granted that where it says official it is actually official unless there is a reference point and a quote. There really does need to be quotes, i.e somewhere that says “Ken didn’t attend SF1”. My guess is that Ken not attending was a conjecture but I don’t know. From my memory there is info that suggests he was in SF1. This may have been changed in retrospect. If I find them I will post them but for now the artwork is enough for me.

Mohammed Ali

Neither do I :).

That’s an old poster, son. It’s logical that they’d wanna include all the game’s characters in the promo poster. Makes sense, right? And like almost all SF storyline info, the thing about Ken not participating in the SF1 tourney wasn’t thought up/stated ‘til LOOOOOOONG after da’ fact.

Gee, ya think?? There’s no question Capcom has no idea who fought who during SF1 (except Ryu vs. Sagat)…not that I expect them to. That’s why were exchanging theories, right. i’m not challenging your theories.

Perhaps you should ask Saiki where he read/heard that Ken didn’t attend SF1.

Isn’t this the same poster that has Ryu engulfed in flames? Is that part of the story also? And Eagle has black hair instead of Blonde.
As far as that poster goes it could be explained that Joe beat Ken at that All American tournament and that qualified Joe to enter the street fighter tournament.

Or that it was just a promo poster that has no influence/weight on the storyline whatsoever. Obviously the thing 'bout Ken’s absence in the SF1 tournament was thought up looooooooong after the fact (like most of SF’s storyline info). It’s revisionist history.

Yes of course the storyline wasn’t thought of when the poster was designed. I was just illustrating the fact that if one were to go with the poster as ‘evidence’ of the story that there could be possibilities other than the obvious.

…I don’t have any explanantion for Ryu being set ablaze before performing a flykick.

I’m a dummy.