STREET FIGHTER II #1 thoughts!

The book is out! Let me know what you think!!!

I had two WTF moments during the Cammy scene:
First, as it’s been mentioned before, you have to be careful not to stereotype Dee Jay. He’s a kickboxer, so handstands and such aren’t exactly his style. And second… Ginzu’s face in that last panel was extremely WTF. Is “indubitably” some kind of British slang for “I’m going to stab you in the neck and drink all the blood from your corpse”? Because that’s what his expression looked like.

Otherwise everything else was great. Gouken’s death was appropriately brutal, Rose’s history was decent, Chun Li’s kung fu was nuts, Ken’s still a funny guy, and Ryu’s interaction with Dhalsim and Sagat makes me look forward to the next issue. And extra points for fighting on Dhalsim’s SF2 stage.

BTW I never knew that Nishimura-sensei only uses Photoshop for all her stuff. I often hear a lot of artists bashing PS for art composition.

Me too, Painter is always being pimped out more. I like PS more, personally.

Yeah, I would have much rather had more story, then the Rival Schools preview. I like Rey a lot…but I haven’t liked either preview of it so far. I won’t be buying it.

I LOVED Alvin’s style change in the flashback, I would love certain special issues/back ups to be all drawn like that. I also loved the interaction between Sagat/Ryu/Dhalsim.

But I’m getting pretty tired of the Cammy arc…I just wish at least ONE issue focused completely on one thing every once in a while. I’m also really happy that Delta Red will stay out of a few issues, I know you guys don’t have a lot to work with when it comes to them, but I find them a waste of a panels. Loved the Ken/Eliza bit, the Chun-Li/Gen bit, and I’m thankfull you guys finally acknowledged what the hell happened with that lame Dee Jay cameo a few issues back. I hope he shows up once more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, a good issue, but I wish there was less setup to where the story was, I really thought that was the point of #0.

chun’s ‘‘street’’ outfit is whack.
other than that, alvin and arnold’s work kick ass

I thought this issue was good. I liked it. Can’t wait till next issue.

the issue was good, but i still think cammy needs to hold off for awhile cause im tire of hearing her cry about her darn past.

Wow, I really liked seeing Vega’s(Cape) master, and a female too! Much better than his male master that shows up in those Hong Kong comics that looks like Vega but only has a green outfit and long blonde hair too. Also wondering what happened, did Rose get Vega’s good side after he dumped it out and/or did she just get her master’s powers? And what’s the master’s name? Arg… but that’s the best way to handle mysterious characters like Vega, create even more mysteries even when you reveal his origin. The rest of the book, the art, Gouken’s death, the legnth, all of the characters shown, great stuff! I was literally blown away! If you can keep this pace up the book should be great!

About Nishimura and photoshop, yeah, there’s an issue of the English version of Newtype magazine that came out about 2 years ago that shows you how she works and it takes you step by step while she creates an image for Overking Gainer.

Art wise my favourite parts were the prologue and the “cracked tile” effects you put in the elephant god pictures-nice attention to detail. Hip hop Chun was kinda interesting. The only thing I didn’t like art wise was Ginzu’s new face…looked like a mad scientist assistant to me.

Story looks more focused, everyones goals are clear right at the onset. Interesting Bison master bit. Sano, I think she transferred her abilities into Rose. The whole lightning bolt tattoo thing and Rose seems to know a lot about Bison, but in the recap she is a little kid who appears to never have seen him before.

Overall, good stuff.

This issue was chunk full of story it was great.

The prologue was sick. it was like a nightmare and kung-fu movie.
The beef of the actual comic had so many unexpected plot points: Like the rose origin. :wgrin:

The art : awesome as always

Rey’s art on the Rivals Schools preview was more sharp this time around, can’t wait to pick it up in Jan.

quick question
what happened to the one tcg card per issue deal?

that was issue 0. not issue 1…

i enjoyed the issue, particularly the begining, as i’ve said in another thread, i love the art…

i do have to agree with Switcher on getting tired of the Cammy stories and too much set up, BUT i am NOT the only reader of the books, so i shouldn’t really complain… hopefully characters like Makoto will also be shown moderate attention, and if so, i’m sure someone will complain about it…

good job guys!..

PS will the raw edition be put up on the ClubUdon site?

Cammy cries about her past because she needs sex :rofl: …well that was a couple of seconds that was wasted. I need to pick up it up. Do anyone knows if the second graphic novel out for “Street Fighter”?

The second graphic novel’s been out for a few months now.

i see. i thought it was an on going thing though
oh well

The Cammy, Ken, and Guile scenes in issue 1 are more like recaps. To very quickly introduce the characters to people who just picked up the book. Kinda needed for a relaunch since we were away for a few months. Otherwise, you will see some new progression of Cammy in the next few issues that will show the fighter side of her instead the puzzle side.

We agree that the puzzle and lost Cammy should be done with. Now lets FIGHT!

Great issue! I love the various art used throughout the series. i felt issue 1 of the relaunch helped capture the essense of the characters like Ryu reaching into his ‘darkside’ to defeat sagat.Great stuff.
One question to you Udoneko, will we be seeing more of Sakura in future issues of street fighter?


right, i’ve got the issue next to me so i can remind myself of all the awesome bits - coz this comic rocked!! I would say this is probably the best street fighter comic you have produced yet Udon, well done, i bloody loved it ( pucka ! :wink: covers - sue perb! prologue - totally amaaaaazing artwork, i love seeing more of ryus master, and the way akuma paints that Shun Goku Satsu - just brilliant. Loved it. Then the main story kicks in - ok the first page or two is a recap, but i loved the way the first page was dun, and dhalsims temple looked cool…then - well, i have never really liked Rose, but that may have now just changed - that origin story was hella sweet, Bison looked awesome, really showed off his powers brilliantly…i liked the drawing of blanka alot fighting dee jay, he looked feral and not too hum, cool eyes…composition for cammy flashback page was cool, felt really like a movie flash back, but i slightly agree that she has been in the comic waaay more than enuff :)…and then…Sagat appears at the end! Rock my Kasbah, i cant wait for issue 2!!

thanks Udon!

great issue. alvin’s artwork right now is amazing. his work now after darkstalker’s has been infinitely better than anything anyone did in the old issues. storywise, the book’s off to a great start too. i’d like it if the book stayed focused on ryu and stayed away from others like cammy, but still, things look really interesting right now.

great work!

Great issue.

Did anyone else get like a radioactiveman vibe out of the whole rose power origin story…atomic explosion “argh an atomic explosion! …body filling within radioactive power. From this day forward I am radioactive man!”