Street Fighter II #1

Street Fighter II #1 solicitation

Hey guys, diamond comics has the Udon SF #1 solicitation for November.

ChecK it Out:

Those covers look AMAZING. I cant wait to get my hands on it. So what’s the deal with the story? Is it just a continuation of the first Udon Street Fighter series?

Yeah it’s a continuation. Cool beans, an interview and Ed McGuiness! Can’t wait.

…me either. Gouki is great for the first cover. Wonder what the first issue entails. Other than what I wouldd expect( The start of the tournament, Bison merge with Rose, blah blah).

Fucking hot. I can’t wait.

Ed McG did a cover…?
I’m gettin that.

…fuck, I forgot my drool bucket. Goddamn. dabs at her face while continuing to oooooh happily

awesome! looks like I’ll be buying both copies to join up those sweeet covers…anyone know of larger versions knocking about online anywhere?

Newsarama did an interview with Udoneko:

Udon met Edayan? So jealous… wow, they are actually going to resolve Ryu vs. Sagat, can’t wait.

Go and hype it up at Newsarama!!! Theres too many nay-sayers there who has no clue what SF is about and they just post “I am not interested”…

But thats the internet… what can you do… sigh…

Can’t wait to get my hands on this new series.
and rival schools? Whoah.

I just love how Erik stays close to his fanbase, while being also close with Capcom. Man. I admire him.

I just read the Newsarama interview. Udon has real guts for actually tackling Sagat vs. Ryu. You could either make a lot of people happy or piss them off. My hat is off to you, you guys have balls that clank.

Post your reply on Newsarama to reply the guy who said he “heard” we are not doing anything special… please! (I am not kidding)

We, as much as a LOT of you, want to see Sagat fighting Ryu. That is why we are doing it. And with Alvin’s artskill burning through the new pages, I am very excited to see the fight myself!

Just a sneak peek of Alvin’s new art -

It took a while to get my old Newsrama acount working but I posted something good I think.

well, im not really looking forward to a sagat vs. ryu considering i seen the best ryu vs. sagat on SF2:The Animated Movie, but ill still post on newsarama.

I’ve posted on there twice.

Unfortunately, that board is made up of mostly cliched fan-boys with blinders on to anything that isn’t their insert big 2 name here, so I doubt it will do too much good.

Edit: aaaaaaaaaand I’m done. There’s always one jackass that flames the book and then can’t get his story straight. Such a waste of time.
Sano, don’t even bother responding.

Erik, I understand you guys need to do press releases and plug the book, but I wish you could disable comments. :lame:

well, the funny thing about newsarama - they are the premium site of comic news. They are like the Wizard Magazine of the internet. Unfortunately, there are these ass that will just criticize anything non MV or DC. And there are people who hated UDON who like to just bash us… however, a lot of innocent people who has no clue about what is going on might take them seriously and think the book is not worth the while… and I can only defend myself to a point that if I do it too far, people will begin to think I am hard selling.

Therefore, your posts are GREATLY appreciated. Thanks everyone for helping supporting us out there. We need it!

Gee, kinda like General Discussion whenever someone makes a comic discussion thread. Except replace “kinda” with “exactly”.

It’s just really irritating because 9 times out of 10, the ones that are first to jump on the bash-this-bandwagon are the same ones that will kiss your ass at cons.

It’s them or Comic Resources, I know. Although, those 2 sites aren’t nearly as biased as Wizard.

Too bad they can’t install a “Punch-in-Face” button to take care of the trolls.