Street Fighter II #3 is out now( Spoiler & Discussion)

Hey eveyone! Haven’t done these in awhile so lets get down to it.:rock:

It’s finally here and i love every page, but here’s a question:

If Mark Lee has the time to do a back-up, when is he gonna finish MU?:bluu:

Anyway, spoiler highlights of this issue are:

1.Juni’s 1st appearance and T.hawk in action.:tup:
2. Even if this comic is not canon, T.hawk’s explaination of the Juli and Noembelu is the most believable theory. (thank you Ken):pray:
3. Ryu’s fireball, his relunctanse to crush a boulder with his head.:lol:

4.Juni’s past in the back-up was a tear jearker.:sad:

Thats it, if anyone like to point anything else, discuss:karate:

Keep it up Udon, and please be on time.:lol:

Haha, that’s so strange, I was posting this exact topic up this exact minute and it didn’t go through… I reloaded the forum and this topic was there. Weeeeird.

Anyway, I had no idea, I was in the comic store picking up some other stuff, and bam, there it was. Really nice art in this one. And Street Fighter Mini by Rey is back. The main story seems short, but I guess they all kinda are, I just never noticed it. Pretty good issue though, pick it up.

Best scene: Ryu thinking better of headbutting the boulder.

Juni’s hair is supposed to be such a bright red as to be orange, isn’t it? It seems like she’s always got brown hair in the main story. A miscommunication with the colorist?

The scene with Guile and the assistant was cute. A nice, quick way to show that Guile’s mellowed.

Overall, a strong issue.

of course we All know Akuma would headbutt a boulder with his head and actually succeed in crushing it.

edit: this is the guy who’s willing to train under deep ocean in third strike and crush a ship with his foot . Crushing boulders with his head is probably just a regular training session for him.

I liked Dhalsim’s instant color change, heh heh. Was nice seeing Ryu form a red fireball while he was training with Dhalsim. The Juli/Noembulu explanation was nifty too. I swear the leader of the Mexican gang looked like he was straight out of Desperado. Chun-Li and Cammy called Mamacitas gave me a chuckle! Poor Gibson, Guile’s a married man… Juni’s back up was great. Rey’s stuff always rocks. I’m glad the book features fan art once again. Nice art and story, another great ish! Now let’s see what happens with Ryu and Gen in the next ish…

little eagle looks like julia chang from the tekken series
i’m not really digging alvin’s akuma either. maybe it’s just me, but his face looks kinda funky
i have nothing else to bitch about =[
this is imo, the best sf2 issue yet

and the honda foil rules!
the back up story rules!
reyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy’s sf mini rules!
keep it up, udon

Erm, Sammuraiblade:

Juni first appeared in SF #3 (or was it 4…?)

She was the stewardess that helped Guile & Chun Li on the plane.

tokoyama, where did u get your foil & issues @? I called up the plaza comics n stuff and asked and was informed that had yet to receive their shipment of power foils? wtf

Just got my issue today (it’s available at Minotaur - Melbourne) and it was a great read =].

Back up was great. SF Mini was great too!

Must agree that Akuma does look strange sometimes, but hey… let’s just say because it was an illusion he looked different XD

I think i prefer a much more subtle expressioned Akuma. Right now his expressions are crazy looking like Bison =[.

I thought that scene with Gibson and Guile was foreshadowing that it wasn’t really Gibson, but a spy in disguise? The whole stuttering thing with her saying that she just decided to wear contacts, I thought it was just a slip up on her part. Was I wrong and that was supposed to show some kind of crush?

I also thought Gibson’s actions were shady, and that she’s really a doll or some sort of spy in disguise. She seemed like she’d just forgotten to wear her glasses.

damnit! I thought guile was just trying to sex her up… but the more I look at it, gibson looks like the doll in the very middle [of the]back row of the B cover

Now that I think about it, wouldn’t that be an extremely big screw up for an elite assassin group?

“Okay, here are some surveillance pictures of the woman you are going to impersonate, and here is your disguise”
“Okay… hey, she’s wearing glasses in a lot of these pictures.”
“Right. Well, here’s the thing, last time Guile was here, he kicked bison’s butt SO HORD that it broke the only pair of disguise glasses that we had. Don’t worry, he won’t notice.”

Anyone else notice that amidst the delay for the issue, its cover says February, yet #2 was December, so no January?

try the one on el cajon blvd
it’s not that far away from parkway plaza
the el cajon location is the biggest one. it’s hugeeeeeeeee

yeh i know what you mean however, no one received the power foil at all.

wa? i got my honda foil at the el cajon Comics n’ Stuff
the national city CnS had it too, but i only need one.
i think Southern Comics received their’s too. call up n’ check. it’s a foil worth tracking down

good ish… :tup:

i flipped through it quickly at the cb store cause i was a little impatient, and caught two sections of cammy/doll stuff… :frowning:

i went home with lowered expectations, but was quickly brought up… the issue was short and sweet and the end (and preview of the next issue) got me anxious for #4

the cammy/Doll stuff wasn’t that bad, i have to admit… it still seems a little cliche to me, but i’m not going to be too much of a hater… i just try to enjoy it… i usually keep my favorite comics until the end, and SF is usually my last comic to read, but next to young avengers, infinity crisis 6 and some other titles out this week, SF was a bit overshadowed… nonetheless, i’m glad it’s hear…

favorite moment: thugs calling Ryu out for walking around in a Gi,. i’m t3h ryu fan, but i gotta admit, i’d feel foolish walking around in that…

ps: I always wondered What was in his bag… now i know… thanks!

pss: you see T.bird’s hands compared to chun lis?! he could probably wrap his fingers around her torso… :wtf:

good job guys: 7/10

Gen beat Akuma?! Since when? I thought it was a draw.

great issue from everything to the main story to street fighter mini :slight_smile: hopefully udon can keep up this kind of quality and get on a consistent schedule. i’d love to have this book once a month lol