Street Fighter II #4 Thoughts (Warning: Spoilers)

Just letting you guys know that it’s out tomorrow!


Ok guys… its out.
I’ve been looking forward to the story elements in this very issue!
Shocking stuff eh? I cant believe… the LAST page.
Major plot element!

And I cant believe Gibson was… man WHAT A TWIST!!!
I so did not expect that!

And werent those fight scenes sick?

Ryu’s Jumping Roundhouse, Low Strong, into Hadouken two-in-one.
I recognized it. And DAAAAANG… Gen even did his Air Throw combo!

I hope you all enjoyed the issue. I keep flipping back to it.
The details… the details…

On a side note, I hope you all enjoyed the mini report I did at the end.
I’m the guy at cons normally with the camera. If you ever see me,
say hello! MAAAYBE you’ll end up in a future issue! :rofl:

Ha ha! I’m actually in the comic book! Wow, my insane fandom actually help land myself in a Street Fighter comic, VERY HAPPY! Thanks Studio Udon and Sfdevotion! I’m the one with the red shirt holding the sketch book up!

I really liked the comic, those who predicted Juni being Gibson turned out to be right. The Gouki and Gen resolution turned out well for those who had a tough time buying Gen defeating Gouki. Rey’s back up was hilarious, I’m gonna go play some Gem Fighter with Ken on SFAA tonight!

I do have one complaint though, enough with the Cammy / Delta red back ups already. There’s so many other characters I’d like to see in back up stories. Though I liked her blue ki attacks, nice touch.

Great issue all around! Oh BTW, did I mention that I’m in the comic book… :rofl:

Haven’t read it yet, but a question.

Since it’s already been broken that Gibson = Juni, was it always this way or was it recent?

Because Juni was a stewardess in SF #3 and also Guile noticed that Gibson did something different with her hair.

No,Juni was in disguise as Gibson and had the real Gibson tied up in her apartment or whatever.

Great issue,though, it was probably my favorite so far as it has the Gen vs Akuma fight/fights and revelations,and that was something I have been asking for a long time.Hopefully # 5 will be out in the next month or so.:looney:

DuUUUUde i’m on the Con report? This so awesome!:wgrin: For the most part of the comic, it was a great read especially the final rematch between Gen and Akuma(short ,yet it had touching kung-fu movie feel)

on side note- has anyone pickup the latest Exalted? in the back there is a sneek peek of Street fighter Legends:Sakura.

All i’m gonna say is that Karin is using her minions as training dummies to train for another rematch against Sakura. What got me rolling was karin’s head man-servant was dress as a fat sakura.:rofl:

Ooooo Itching to get a copy from my comic shop when it arrives down under next week or so. And Pre order Sakura Legends of course :smiley:

good issue however, a somewhat weird transition as to how gen and akuma clashed with their super arts (akuma going into his 15 hitter and gen doing his touch of death) soon thereafter, gen doing his stuff with the bonzai then ZOMGWTF! (which was pretty obvious due to his illness).

That was addressed in the Raw issue somewhat. They didn’t want to show what happened the moment of impact, they kind of want to leave it open just a bit, did Gen die from his illness or was the battle too much for him? It’s also open just who is stronger, Gen or Gouki. Nicely done, this is one of my favorite SF comic book fights so far and hands down the best story of the SF2 arc so far. It was well worth the wait! :clap:

That was addressed in the Raw issue somewhat. They didn’t want to show what happened the moment of impact, they kind of want to leave it open just a bit, did Gen die from his illness or was the battle too much for him? It’s also open just who is stronger, Gen or Gouki. Nicely done, this is one of my favorite SF comic book fights so far and hands down the best story of the SF2 arc so far. It was well worth the wait!

  1. the illness, hands down as gen wasn’t utilizing full potential like he did at first encounter (re-analyze the fight sequence in their 1st encounter, you’ll understand) 2) AKUMA owned this fight in general as he had the advantage; generally speaking if gen was not ill stricken with leukemia, it probably would have ended in a draw honestly as they are both powerful characters. Thus, I know this is far fetched but, imagine if they threw in dhalsim with his zen abilities vs akuma in the comic, it’d be an interesting fight. LASTLY, Sano, you bastard, hehe, al the shit you purchased is lit. the same stuff I’m getting with a few exceptions: a—> only ultimate edition and summer sketchbook for me b----> all the stuff you’re getting, i’m suprised your not getting any of the goukens bro.
    c.—>> don’t know if you’ll be attending but, if so, see you there and maybe Challenge you on the floor cabs (if applicable) rock on true SF collecter.

Ah, I’m not going to San Diego Comic Con otherwise I wouldn’t of ordered anything and just bought it at the con. Whatever I didn’t pick up, well I’ll look for it later. Have lots of fun at the con and represent for SRK! I’ll go to SDCC one of these years… I miiiiight be going to Anahiem California this year, not 100% sure.

About the battle, thing is the two never fight when they are at the height of their abilities, it’s all kind of up in the air. I just see it as while Gen may have survived the Shun Goku Satsu, the strain of doing so might have been too much for him, his illness being a factor there. Or he just survived the attack, Gouki realized it was either a draw or sensed he was going to die soon by Gen’s ki diminishing due to his illness and just left. That’s just my take on it, but like I said it’s up in the air. Either way the illness still kind of does him in though.

I liked how faithfully gen’s move set was drawn. It’s a shame he had to die though as he’s one of my favourites in the games. I’m interested to see where the juni thing is headed and what chun li’s reaction to gen’s death is.

I heard that the next issue is well underway and hope we will see it soon.

Based on Chun-Li’s reaction to her father’s death, Chun-Li will weep for a panel or two and then perform a Super (probably Hazan Tensho Kyaku or Hoyokusen) at Gen’s grave like 3 issues later.

Oh and re Gen is dead: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Gen deserved more screen time! Oh well, it’s not like Gen did nothing… He did kill Geki, beat the everloving shit out of Juli and introduce Yun & Yang waaaaaaaaaay before they were supposed to be introduced…

Then again, I expected Ryu to train under both Gen and Dhalsim longer and have a much better outcome than “I can’t help you.”. I’m guessing Ryu did too, which probably makes for good storytelling.

Still waiting for Zangief to appear in the storyline, E. Honda to make his return, and for Dee Jay to have something to do. Especially for him to meet Cammy again, I’d like to see how that pans out.

Oh, and there’d better be some Final Fight action somewhere… heck, go ahead and do a FF mini if you can’t fit them in. But there’d better be eating-food-out-of-oil-barrel-action!

was the issue worth the wait?

I think you meant Xiayu rather than Juli.

For Alvin’s artwork alone, they’re always worth it, in the end.

Again, like every other issue, it’s over way too fast. I really liked how this issue focused on Ryu/Gen/Akuma a bit more, and only deverted to the other plots just for a page or two. I have this habit of thinking Cammy is always the main character, and that it occassionally diverts to Ryu. Although, re-reading previous issues, that’s not the case.

I’m really glad next issue has more T. Hawk, I really like what they’ve done with him so far. You could easily assume Hawk would be treated with 1-2 pages, if he’s lucky. Nice to see Udon spending some time with him.

I love every thing with Yun and Yang, although it kinda sucks they’re the only 3rd Strike characters we’ll ever see.

And indeed, nice twist with Gibson. The last time we saw her, I thought Udon was gearing up with some lame Guile/Gibson crush, glad to see that’s not the case.

Great issue as always, now to only wait until October for issue 5…


laughs that would be a nice in-side joke!

Lets just see how Sakura Legends works out first.
If you checked out the latest issue of Exalted (#4),
Omar did a 4 page “Karin’s Revenge” comic that will
make you piss your pants laughing!

More to be had in Sakura Legends #1. w00t

Oh, WHOOPS! :wgrin:

That’s right, Juli hasn’t really made an appearance yet. (And by appearance I mean actually done anything or had any lines.)

SFers that have yet to show up in the main story (not counting backups):



R. Mika
Karin (note I said MAIN story…)


Geki (most likely) also since Gen slaughtered him in the backup during Chun Li’s training session.

Hopefully Juli will show up more prominently soon since Hawk’s coming back soon as well.

DA GAME’s comic book will be getting the re-orders tomorrow & DG will get his issue.