Street Fighter II Battle Vinyl

I just picked this up off eBay the other day and it’s pretty cool. I was just wondering if anybody knew where the torrent was for the songs, fx, and voices are. Side A has all the vocals & FX while side B has all the music. I don’t want to buy some type of turntable to convert the songs into files, I just wanted to frame the piece. They only made 350 of these and I couldn’t find a damn thing on google.

I have an MP3 of “some” of the samples, no music though, if thats of any use? I use them to scratch with via serato scratch live.

Yeah man I’m trying to get everything, if it comes down to it I’ll spin it once somehow and get those sounds. Do you happen to know how that’s done?

Why is this in the SFIV forum? You might want to try tech talk for help getting the files.

If u have to record it, it’s pretty easy. Find an old stereo which has a vinil player and hook it up to a computer into the mic in-line slot. You can find a lot of programs that can record what gets inside the computer. :smiley:

usb turtables, for recording, are pretty cheap if you gots cash to spare

Daaaaamn! I remember seeing this at Oki-ni a while back and, being a record collector, instantly drooled all over myself. Congrats, I’m very jealous. Curiously, how much did you grab it for?

Good God.

I need doubles in my life.

dude listen to this steal haha, 2 guys had it going for buy it now $550 I got it for $56 from another dude cause I stalk ebay like that. I was so souped for that price. I also copped the MvC2 blue vinyl mixtape with people like talib kweli and such for $76 and that one goes for more as well.

MvC2 Vinyl:

I’m no record collector but if there were records I couldn’t pass up it had to be these 2 for sure! I’ll be framing them and putting them right along side my Triumvir M. Bison wanted poster.

You need a turntable of some kind (do you have any DJ friends) and a mixer (unless its one of those USB decks) hooked up to your PC.

as for a recording program, Audacity is free and easy to use, just google it.

Failing that, send me your vinyl and i’ll rip it for you :rofl:

Ruff, I use SF samples in Serato as well.

Great product.

The ONLY way to DJ in this day and age IMO :smiley:

this is probalby the same vinyl DJ Qbert uses.


Maybe on this joint, cuz I think it was commissioned by Capcom for ST:HDR. Capcom prolly gave him a similar record to fucks with for the track.

But I’m pretty sure SF2 voice samples have appeared on a ton of break records in the past. I remember seeing wax on Turntablelab (a loonnnng time ago) that was catching hype because of the Street Fighter clips.

In fact, I’m pretty sure there’s a Q-Bert cut from ISP’s glory-days where he’s using SF sounds.

There is an alternative…these things called turntables. They’re great, highly recommended.

I bought a few copies on Oki-Ni the day they put them on sale. Never been played, just waiting until I need the money then put them on ebay (keep one for me ofcourse). You got a bargin for $57!! nice one! :smile: