Street Fighter II CE Tournament in Berkeley

Small Street Fighter II Championship Edition Tournament in Berkeley

I am hosting a Street Fighter II Championship Edition tournament on an actual arcade machine cabinet in Berkeley (in my home, close to Cal).

Call (323) 336-0222 for date and location. My name is Karina.

Entrance fee is $10 and the winner receives $100!!!

Free pizza and soda!!!

Tourney will be held on a weekend at night (TBA) when we have 16 people. Only 16 spots are available so if you’re interested call soon.

***Players of all levels are welcome. Come have some fun playing one of the most popular games of the early 90’s…:chat:

Once I purchase an Xbox, I’ll be making some SFIV tourneys.:party: I just moved from LA and when I was there I used the family’s Xbox; now i need my own.

You taiwanese?

Welcome to the bay area, I hope you enjoy your stay here along with your schooling, with such words as ‘free pizza and soda!!!’ I’m highly tempted to participate, especially since for quite awhile CE was my main game. When exactly would this occur so I can check if I’m available to play?

Thank you for your comment. I don’t have a set date; it would depend on when exactly I find atleast 16 interested in coming. I’d be glad to get your phone number and/or email so that I could contact you. I have seven names with phone numbers of people who have shown interest, but no guaranteed entrants.

I do know that I’ll be throwing it on a weekend at night though since that’s when most people would be free and the cabinet is outside in broad daylight (kind of hard to see the screen unless it’s dark out):chat:

Oh, just curious - who’s your character in CE?

I would love to participate. Will PM.

Paging Battosai

That’s Battosai :rofl:

Are you a girl?

Why are 2/5 posts in this thread about the event host(ess)? o.o

Balrog can’t headbutt yet, but that won’t keep me from my fight money!

Oh and since you asked my CE character, I like everyone play some Guile, but in certain matches I’ll use Gief, Sim, Ken, and Blanka.

Will you be entering in your own tourney? Who do you play and are you on GGPO?

I’m interested but I might need a ride. Leeloo rules, the Fifth Element is my favorite film of all time.

Admiral Ackbar said:



Is this pizza really free if only 2/3 of the entrance money goes back to the players?

Mike, take me with you and I’ll show you how to use CE Bison :cool:

Battosai is banned from using guile. :nono:

I only plan on actually participating in the tournament if we’re short some people. I’m trying to get 16 people minimum coming, but I’m probably going to invite around twice that many a few days before the date I’ve set up to have it. So if you want to be notified, make sure I have your contact information. I have about 7 people’s names and numbers thus far.

I’m horrible with everyone in SFII CE; but I play Guile mostly because with him, baiting the jump-in with sonic booms and punishing with flash kick is simple enough for even a girl to do.

I’m not tawainese and I apologize if Leeloo means something inappropriate in their language.

Oh, and yes the pizza will be free regardless if enough people show up; I don’t mind ordering from Domino’s and getting the “3 Medium 1-Topping Pizzas for $5.55 each Deal”. lol.:party:

Although, I’m holding this event to help raise money to buy an Xbox. I want to hold SFIV tourneys once I have one. :blush:

Where do you live? You’re welcome to join our occasional Berkeley sessions… see the Berkeley thread.

Thank you for the offer. I would absolutely love to play some SFIV with you guys. I’m not too great but with Balrog’s cr.lp you don’t really need to be. lol

I live on Julia st. which is a small street adjacent and parallel to Ashby.
I basically live on Ashby and Sacramento.

My friend is teaching me how to play with Rog. He also goes to Cal and plays SFIV. We’re actually using his arcade machine cabinet to host the SFII CE tournament.
Bear pride:party:

Holy shit that’s far. Tell your friend to read the Berkeley thread too. We usually host things towards the south side of campus so you’re pretty far out there haha.

Wait a minute… is this before or after evo?

This tournament will be held after Evo because I want to make sure everyone who wants to can come.

You can count me in on this tourney. I live in Berkeley too and would love to do some SF II on an actually CE machine. I’m there!