Street Fighter II Championship Edition in Berkeley

Small Street Fighter II Championship Edition Tournament in Berkeley

I am hosting a Street Fighter II Championship Edition tournament on an actual arcade machine cabinet in Berkeley (in my home, close to Cal).

Call (323) 336-0222 for date and location. My name is Karina.

Entrance fee is $10 and the winner receives $100

Free pizza and soda!!!

Tourney will be held on a weekend at night (TBA) when we have 16 people. Only 16 spots are available so if you’re interested call soon.

***Players of all levels are welcome.

Once i get an Xbox, i’ll be hosting SFIV tourneys. Back in LA, i used my family’s Xbox; now i need my own:chat:

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Posted there already. This thread also dually falls under the topic “Other Games”

Games that are not receiving as much attention as say, SFIV. SFII CE fits this description


how did the tournament go? any vids?
i imagine with all the bells and whistles in the new street fighters there are a lot more chess matches in champion edition. it would be interesting to see.

unless you got a champion edition hack…