Street Fighter II - Hyper Fighting Edition XBox 360 SRK Player Roster



Post if you were dumb enough to buy this game.

XBL Tag: Phil McFly

EDIT: Ok since it’s early and people don’t know what a player roster is… post your goddam tag while you’re at it.



I will be in a few hrs.


I did!

XBL Tag: SweetJV




GT: Ive Been Jipped

Not too interested in playing Americans for lag reasons (I don’t think my line can support it) but will play any Europeans of any skill level.



I’ll be on after 12:00 EST for most of the day


GamerTags: Alleyboyz. I’ll be on later tonight


GT: Rodchan

Balrog FTW!!



I’ve only had 12 matches so far and someone already disconnected against me, lol. Everyone seems to use Blanka too.


Zeruel99 is the only tag you need to remember.


Decoy, Real… Decoy




Free wins from a pad:arazz: user


everyone uses honda haha



Dream Theater




GT in the sig

So far i’ve seen many many many e hondas, blankas, and chun li’s. e hondas do nothin but slap, blankas do nothin but ball and throw, and chun li’s do nothin but mash kick and jump around like lunatics :stuck_out_tongue:


I have seen mostly Ryu’s and Honda’s but yeah that is all the Honda’s do.

I was like the only Guile player lol.




Mr Hadoken