Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting tournament at CAX


Aren’t going to make Evolution this year? Don’t sit around watching other people play fucking games on Twitch all weekend like a bum! Come out and play a bunch of classic arcade/pinball games and enter my Hyper Fighting tournament.

A couple special things to keep in mind about this tournament:

  1. We’re playing on whatever machines show up to the show that are capable of running CPS-1 Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting (I’m personally bringing a Z-back and two Big Blues, so it won’t all be weird shit). That means you’re going to likely wind up playing on some strange hardware. You don’t want to play on the MK converted cabinet, but the Big Blues are taken up, you gotta deal with it. I’m working with what I’ve got.

  2. This tournament is meant to compliment the show, not the other way around. The show is a good chunk of change to enter (30-ish a day), so make sure you came out to primarily enjoy the show first…otherwise this is going to be an expensive tournament to enter.

  3. There’s going to be casual show goers participating as well. Keep in mind that there will likely be people who don’t understand tournament etiquette. Help them out if they seem lost and show some patience with them. We’re all here to have a good time.

Now for the vital info:

-Registration opens noon on Saturday July 12th IN THE SHOW FLOOR (look for the Street Fighter II/Capcom fighting game section…there will be a table). Asking to be registered outside the show floor doors will receive blank stares from staff.
-Tournament starts at 1PM
-32 player cap (last year this tournament filled up in 8 minutes and I had to turn people away, so don’t procrastinate)
-$5 entry fee
-Double Elimination (Challonge)
-Top 3 get percentage of pot

No Capcom prizes this year, which is my fault. So don’t hate on them for that. I wasn’t confident that I would have enough machines to run a 32 man tournament until last second. Do you like the poster? Cool! Everyone who enters gets one. Don’t like it? Too bad, you’re getting one anyways.

California Extreme is held at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency. Doors open at 11AM both days. Saturday you can game until 2AM (plus there is a pretty nice bar in the lobby). All the info you need is over here:


I heard some big ass tournament happened this weekend…oh right! It was the Hyper Fighting tournament, right? :wink: Hardy har! Anyways, results are here:

I’m tempted as fuck to run a few Hyper Fighting sessions out of my garage just for fun. We received a lot of solid local players this year, which is something I didn’t expect given this is just a side tournament at an arcade show.

Thanks to everyone that made it out to my event, even though it was EVO weekend. :slight_smile:


My friend made it to finals against Chris Tang. Ill tell him you may want to get casual sessions in.


Sosage, just let me know when and where, and I’ll do my best to be there! Weekend evenings are best for me. SFSFB works until 6 or so most Saturdays, so would need to be a little later Saturday than sunday for him. Sunday he’s normally off, while I’m off at 5 both Saturday and Sunday.