Where is everyone? Does anyone still play seriously? It’s a shame there isn’t more of a community for this game, it’s a great port on a great platform.

Yes, I get the SF community is already split between PC GGPO Super Turbo, 3rd Strike OE, HD Remix, AE2012… But isn’t there a few of us who still enjoy the DEFINITIVE version of the TRUE classic Street Fighter 2!?

If anyone is still out there, feel free to add me (xLB4EVERx) on Xbox Live.

If everyone posts there Gamertag here, and adds each other, maybe we can get some sort of community revival going? I would even be down for arranging some tournaments at FGC majors if we got enough people playing and participating. I would also be down to start up a 24/7 stream similar to SRKlive with AE21012.

Anyways, leave your thoughts and comments, and lets revive this classic!


Yes, there is another thread exactly like this in general discussion. It was locked, and suggested I post here, so BOOM.


No one plays this because the netcode is terrible. It’s literally THE REASON Tony Cannon created GGPO.


They should patch GGPO netcode into the game… It’s not like it’s proprietary software and could probably be popped into the game within a week with a couple of Capcom programmers on the job… Either way, I have lightning fast Canadian DSL and I don’t really notice lag in any game, no matter the net code.


It’s not a great port. It’s a horrible port. It’s the PS1 version. Long load times and not arcade perfect. Plus as others have said, the net code is terrible.

They most likely won’t ever patch it. It’s, what, 6 years old already?


Ahhh. I wouldn’t remember I haven’t played the arcade version in over 10 years. Regardless I was kidding about the patch, but I still do not notice anything slow on the online. It must be my internet. I wish everyone had fast internet, it solves a ton of problems. Of course nothing overcomes distance obstacles though, such as playing cross-continents which is bound to bring the ping up and create problems… Ah well, still looking for other players either way.

Again leave your Gamertag if your interested.


Honestly, if you don’t notice the lag, you’re either playing against someone right next door to you, or you aren’t familiar enough with the game to notice. I think the most lag free game of hyperfighter I ever played had a good half a second of input lag.

At any rate, if you’re looking for players for games online, use the online outlets section.


I already was told once to move this thread here… so… Unless your willing to move it… Lets just keep it where it is!?

Anyways an update, I found about 6 guys online last night in the SRKlive lobby playing AE2012 and I asked if anyone wanted to play Hyper Fighting and as I said, 6 guys came out. We had a full lobby and were rotating players in while others left. If you want in on the mayhem lemme know. It was a ton of fun. I plan on doing a lobby every night I can.

Sincerely - The world tiniest Shoto


Honestly, your best bet is to hop on GGPO and play the ‘anniversary edition’, since there’s some guys in the ST section willing to play that game for fun. It’s not exactly the same as HF, but it’s close enough.

That or play on Supercade, since there’s a pretty passionate community dedicated to HF. They’re located primarily in NZ, but they’re top competitors.


I am so glad I just bought the Hori RAP VX-SA… It is compatible with both my 360 and my PC. This means stick+GGPO=YES.

Thanks for the suggestion.