Street Fighter II manga volumes 2, 3, Capcom artbooks and Robot 5

Since Udon has dropped lots of stuff within the last 2 weeks I wanted to just create a big thread about all of their recent products so I wouldn’t have to mod 4 more threads lol! :rofl: All of the above are available at comic book stores. As usual, don’t ask me about Book Stores like Barnes & Noble because I have no idea…

Masaomi Kanzaki’s SF2 manga concluded in the last 2 weeks. Volume 2 wrapped up his SF2 story and there’s a reprint of Masahiko Nakahira’s Sakura Ganbaru! chapter where Sakura and Cammy faced Zangief, since when Udon originally printed volume 2 they left out a page by mistake so now you can see it in this volume! :woot:

SF2 manga volume 3 was great, it has never been printed in the US before! The story is centered around Chun-Li investigating someone making clones of SF2 characters. Obviously, just a way for us to see mirror matches and for the characters to face off against their own second player outfits! :rofl: There was some pretty cool moments! Chun-Li was just about to tell Ryu she was in love with him or something like that but Ryu messed it up when he touched Chun-Li’s breast to make sure she was the real one and not the clone, which got him punched in the face! Oooh, so close… :rofl: The other cool part was when the SF2 enemies formed a temporary truce to fight against the clones, so Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Guile were working with the 4 lords of Shadowloo! Hey, these kind of temporary team ups happen all the freaking time in American comics, but it’s rare you see this type of thing with SF characters lol! Volume 3 comes with a bit of a preview manga called 1520 that was really cute! :lovin:

Both of the volumes come with brand spanking new covers by Masaomi Kanzaki and the last volume he rights a little bit about how he got into SF. Oh and there’s a drawing that Masaomi Kanzaki did of the majority of SF Zero/Alpha and 3 characters! AH UDON GIVE ME A COLOR POSTER LOL! :tup:

Last volume of Robot - So far I only read the Itoh Mami story. Man Itoh Mami has done manga on SF2, SF3, SFZ, all the Darkstalkers games and even Warzard AKA Red Earth so it’s good that I can FINALLY read SOME of her work! The story she has in Robot is very creepy, about a guy who builds a robot of his mother… There’s a bit of a twist at the end oooh… Gonna read the rest of the book soon. If it’s anything like the last Robot book Udon put out it should be lots of fun! :woot:

Mega Man Zero and Okami Art books - WOW. Both of these are gorgeous, have TONS of artwork (I can’t believe Okami has that much art for one game yikes), lots of information on stories, characters and interviews from the creators of these games! It’s gonna take me quite a while to read through both of them but I’m enjoying the artwork just the same! Can’t wait for Udon to drop the Darkstalkers Graphic File in English! :rock:

Anyway, lots of great stuff from Udon in the last 2 weeks. ME HAPPY! Keep it up guys! :woot:

Finished reading Robot 5. Just like the last book there are lots of cool stories in here! My favorite was the Whereabouts of Color since I liked the art style and it was an interesting story about Post-Wartime Japan. Loved seeing Range Murata (Blue Submarine 6), Yoshitoshi Abe (NeiA Under 7) and Hyung-Tae Kim (Magna Carta, hell yeah Korean made video game available in the US say word) artwork too!

I started reading the Okami book, WOW! It really is massive. There’s even Okami manga inside! :wow: Seems like while the artist was working on the game he did some manga page drawings for kicks! Gonna take me a while to read through this one before I start on the Mega Man Zero book, I’m not even half way through the Okami book yet. IT’S HUGE lol! :tup:

The rest of the SFII manga came out? I got the first book hella long ago and haven’t heard any news since. I haven’t been to my comic shop in a few weeks though, I hope he has them…

Does that have Bengus’s best DS art in it (Nightwarriors), or is it just DS3/random stuff with DS chars stuff?

Every single piece of Darkstalkers artwork ever made by Capcom just about. Yep, the Vampire Hunter drawings are in there just like everything else. It even includes character portraits from vs. games and Dee from Vampire Collection! Hella ultra rare stuff like Capcom’s two sketchy drawings of Morrigan’s father and rejected sketch ideas for every character! Not to mention every single Darkstalkers comic book cover that Udon has done! That book is awesome! :smile: