Street Fighter II & "official" canon


Post anything Street Fighter related here (Not vs games, since they are not canon)

In the first World Warrior tournament (Street Fighter I) we all pretty much know that Ryu won. In the second World Warrior tournament Guile won. Guile was going to kill Bison but his wife stopped him from doing it. Right after this happens Akuma comes from out of nowhere and does the Shun Goku Satsu and kills M. Bison. So M. Bison is officially dead. So who wins SFIII? The Bison we see in SF2 is Bison’s second body that his scientists created for him. His real body was the one in SFA3. Supposedly at the end of SFA3 Bison and Rose fused so that Bison loses half of his negative energy, thus making him weaker in SF2. Sagat is still alive during SF III but choses not to enter the SF III tournament until Ryu can purge his dark side. Sagat only wants pure fights. If Capcom makes SF4 we’ll probably see Sagat in SF4.

That was some of the stories from the official canon. In the storyline we know Bison is weaker in SF2, but as we all know that this is the complete opposite in gameplay. Both Bison and Vega suffer from SNK Boss Syndrom in SF2 World Warrior. I was playing World Warrior (US 910206)the other day and noticed that the AI controlled characters (especially the 4 bosses) were much harder and did not fall for some of the patterns in later versions of World Warrior. Here’s and example: IF you do the statue on Vega with Guile then Vega just slides constantly. However, if you do the statue with Guile in the version then Vega will either fierce punch you or jump kick you and you get hit. Also I have noticed that when Vega wins the second time and takes off his mask he is supposed to yodel, but in this version when he takes off the mask he has the Chun Li laugh. I was like, WTF?!?

Also, I was Ryu VS AI controlled Blanka. Blanka executes his electricity, I am standing next to him and perform a Hadouken. Normally Ryu would get hit with the electricity, but in this version it shows Ryu in his Hadouken animation and right before the fireball if you hold back the Hadouken will cancel and he will block the electricity!

Ken is also much more harder. He throws less fireballs and does not do random Shoryukens.

It took me a while to beat Vega. Now I can understand when people said that they have never seen anyone beat Vega back in the day. They were probably playing this version.

The question is: is this version a prototype or something?

  1. Nobody is sure who won SFII. It was either Chun or Guile.
  2. Alex won SFIII.
    3)You were probably playing one of the many bootleg versions.


Alex won SF3 but Oro would of if he didn’t leave…


^^^ Yeah, he and Alex were supposed to fight in the finals, but Oro left after he beat Ryu because that was the only thing he entered the tournament for.


Check out these stories and the relation of who won the tournaments, etc…

on Akuma’s story it says something about Guile being in the finals.

Here’s Bison:


This actually belongs in the Comic area, as they have fun dealing with continuity issues.



THIS is the shit I have been looking for


Capcom-sanctioned manga

There are lots of interesting things in Japan. I was surprised to find some officially-sanctioned manga in the SF universe. One of the funnier ones is the Capcom Gals Comic Anthology - I’ve got the first two volumes, I have no idea if they’ve put out more. I translated the first volume, but it’s really just a collection of shorts by a bunch of different artists.

Here’s a torrent of the whole thing:
Or my site for it:

thought it would be interesting to people on this thread…


Those are all NOWHERE near true to the real canon. Read Tiamat’s guide at GameFaqs for the real thing.


Your source material is incorrect. Check this thread and you’ll eventually find the plot guide with the right information.


There were four volumes released by Shinseisha; the one pictured on your page is the latest one that came out 6 years ago.

Officially sanctioned doesn’t necessarily mean canon. There were many commercialized manga and plenty of fan-made doujinshi about the SF universe, but only a handful can take credit for certain elements becoming canon, and as far as I know only one is completely official because its story was written directly by Capcom.


I will simply never believe that Guile won SFII. It does not_make_sense.


Join the club. Razza Frazza weak ass character took out Bison. :tdown:



ABASI!** :bluu:


Ryu didn’t win number 2. I’m sick of people saying that he did.


Too lazy to look up Tiamat’s again, but I think Chun Li supposedly won SF2.


Capcom has never said who won SF2.


Come on Sano, everyone knows DeeJay got the win.




the true winner of the SF2 tournament was Akuma considering he kill bison and bison was the host and boss of the tournament. so screw guile and chunli, ladies and gentlemen, our winner is Akuma.