Street Fighter II & "official" canon


Castelluccio isn’t good looking enough (from what i remember vega is extremely vain due to his looks, hence the protective mask)
Kelly Hu is perfect, at first i thought she was just a hawt model but she’s proven herself physically in X2
Alaimo is too old
Masters’ muscles are too huge, he’d have to tone down and maybe be taller, so i think at the point of the current google pictures (^_^) he looks like a better Alex than anything


I don’t know if this has been answered already, but are the udon comics considered canon? it seems that they are going by the official story so far…


It doesn’t. The game was originally with a main character by the name of Kevin, not Ken from SF.

No they aren’t, and even the comics have their own diversions despite their efforts to stay consistent.


You know reading some of the stuff in this thread shows me that SF has a storyline almost on the lines of Tekken and King of Fighters. i bring this up because this guy on another site said SF has a stupid storyling and doesn’t compare to KOF’s storyline.


some believe deejay also won the King of Fighters Tournament as well…

… without any team mates…



Regarding Gill: I didn’t know he was in his 20s in Third Strike.


2008 check a few forums above this one for more info lol! :lovin:


:smile: Seems like I was right :lol: Anyways, now we can talk about a Sagat return…

Now we can see who Q really is? Will he be Bison (Dictator)???


Nah he’s dead lol!

I like not knowing who Q is, some mystery is good. It’s like how we don’t know who Red X is in Teen Titans. Not every Question should be answered lol! It would be great to see him in SF4 though, maybe revealing if he’s a robot or a human would be enough.


check out post 131 :smile:

Wonder if Seth and Gouken will be playable in home versions and if any Third Strike characters are in home versions…since seth has Urien’s shoulder tackle it leads me to believe that Seth was created the same way Twelve was…


More like the same way Necro was. Seth willingly gave his body for reconstruction.


Hmmm…after watching SF:The Legend of Chun Li earlier today…it looks like we have gotten our storylines answered.

If you watched the whole credits at the end you will see that the movie is an official movie by Capcom!!!

Which means it is safe to say that this movie is 99% canon.

Now we know Dictator’s(Bison) and Gen’s origins. No wonder Rose knows so much about bison. It was cool to see a picture of a Bison (the animal) on one of the curtain decorations in the Shadaloo headquarters.

When Gen received the necklace of the bird, do you suppose Dhalsim gave it to him?

Also looks like there will be a sequel to this movie. I wonder if the sequel will be based on the SFA series or the SF2 series. At the end it did say World Warrior Tournament on the flyer…

Looks like storyline wise, this movie takes place before SF1 because Gen is in the SF1 tournament. So maybe next movie is SF1 and SFA series timeline…Gen is younger in the movie.

Looks like the Bison that was killed is actually a body double or a clone…

In the sequel we will most definitely see Akuma (hopefully) because Gen and Nash were still alive after the movie.


sound like most things in the new Street Fighter movie is canon…


Do you actually believe SF Legend of Chung Li will have a sequel? (yes Chung…according to

Maybe a direct to DVD…??

And even if it is endorsed by Capcom, it matters very little. Capcom has cbeen onflicting against their own storylines for years. And the few things that seem permanent just get retconned anyway.

How many people have survived the Shun Goku Satsu?
In fact has anyone even been killed by the damn thing?:lol:


Akuma Killed Goutetsu with the SGS 20 years before SF2


All movies, anime and so forth say they are officially from Capcom, some of them even have Capcom employees working on it (Keiji Inafune was one of the executive producers of this movie, the first Street Fighter Alpha movie was executive produced by Okamoto). The live action Resident Evil movies are officially from Capcom and they have nothing to do with the games or are ever acknowledged by them.

For things to be ‘canon’ Capcom has to actually step in and say it is. Which has happened at times with the Devil May Cry anime (Kobayashi said it explains how Lady met Trish) and Resident Evil Degeneration (made by the gaming staff really). I doubt this live action would get such a statement, just because it would take away a lot of wiggle room for them in the future.

SF4 The Ties That Bind is probably official. At least until Capcom does something to contradict that too, but nothing too major happens in it really. Great anime though.

All that aside I thought the live action Chun-Li flick was a decent movie. 3 1/2 stars from me. Not a must see or a rental, but a ‘watch it on TV’ kind of film.


Hang on I thought Ryu beat Alex in SF3 or is it 3S I am thinking off


He did but I don’t think it was in the tournament.


Yeah Ryu beat Alex in Third Strike. Third Strike happens after the SF3 Tourney.


Wow yeah my original post. Yeah in this version of WW Claw is the cheapest SOB I know…

LOL I predicted Gouken and Seth as playable in 2008 and the return of Dictator as well. Too funny. But yes, are Twelve and Seth related somehow…


There’s no clear connection but yeah it does seem that Seth and S.I.N are somewhat a bridge between Shadowloo and Gill and Urien’s organization. For now the bridge seems to be artistically and symbolically; like a transition for gamers of sorts.

Would be nice if Udon fleshed some of that out but they don’t seem to be going that route with their SF3 story. Especially with Master Bison hanging out with Urien as opposed to Seth.