Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition for genesis!


Is it normal to always getting china stage at fight 1?


Three button pads were the shit for this game!


I believe it is…

SNES’ SF2:WW did the same thing but it was in the India stage.


I had a crappy 2 player MX joystick panel I hacked and melded this game into it. I took one of those TV games and hacked the pads into the control panel. its kinda awesome, but it kinda sucks.


Probably not, but I wouldn’t be concerned. Probably just a weird fluke.


I thought the game makes you fight in the order that the chars are on the Select screen starting with who’s after the char you pick.

So if you are always getting Chun-Li as your first opponent, then it’s because you’re always selecting Ken.

Unless you meant for Vs mode. I thought you were allowed to choose the stage. If not, then I guess there is set order.

Interesting. Put up some pics/vids to show us this.