Street Fighter II - The animated movie


Yes, I am asking about something about the movie that relates to my question just hold on lol.

Fastforward to the fight between Fei & Ryu


So Fei recovers barley after having not only his arm bent akwardly, slammed against the ground but also having his foot crushed by ryu. Cool. Doesnt relate to the question but still, lol.


"You havent seen anything yet, get ready…!"
Ryu braces himself and watches Fei as he began developing flames on his foot thud leading him to get the shit kicked out of him. Idk why he didnt block while being close after a knockdown but hey.

Ryu recovers while Fei is droping and ends this dudes life with a skull shattering id like some poundcake (tatsu).

Now my question is why is it sometimes when I connect with DP (more or less with akuma) the opponent gets hit but it isnt a knockdown, and he breaks me like drago? This usually happens when im chasing someone who tried to do a fuzzy


I would imagine it’s because only certain hits of a multi-hit DP cause a knockdown, and if those hits whiff then you’re just SOL.


I was gonna say I realize this only happens primarily with the M-H dp. Its as if only the second hit hits.