Street Fighter II Turbo #4 Discussion Thread

This was my favorite issue of the current series. Of the two covers Chamba’s is my favorite this month! Chun-Li vs. the Kung Fu peeps was fun and it was good to see Yun and Yang again! Liked Ryu and Ken’s friendly match and Akuma at Gouken’s grave. Chris Stevens did a great job with the Rufus back up, funny stuff!

yeah I just picked it up, good issue

I loved it. i don’t know why so many people don’t like Chamba’s style. I think it’s great. I do however go back and forth on whether I want it inked or not. I like the pastel/watercooler thing, but sometimes I wonder if it would look even better if it had bold lines and was inked liked the book was in the past. But anyway, he’s got a great feel for motion. Chun Li is also too awesome and it was funny to see Ryu surfing. Can’t say I’m really too interested in Cammy’s story or the next issue as Honda/Gief/Mika/and Dan aren’t really my favorite characters, but i guess we’ll see.

So ChunLi cheated her way to victory?

Good read. The Yun and Yang appearance was cool and how they helped Chun Li obtain a victory. And the surfing scene was hilarious lol.

This issue was great!
I loved the surfing scene and enjoyed the fact that the old stories from “II” are continued and expanded in “turbo” - Jun & Jang and Decabre!

Question: as Decabre is just a clone of Cammy with Vega’s claw, and “decabr” is a russian month name, does it mean that Cammy is originally russian? Long lost cousin of Zangief? :slight_smile:
And why does she has that british accent in the game? Eccept because of working for Delta Red.
We need to know more of Cammy!

Looking foward to the Red Cyclone vs E.Honda tag team match next month! :slight_smile:

In the comics Decapre hasn’t been shown to be Russian, we don’t know what is up with her name in the comics. In the games she’s Russian. But the games and comics are different on occassions. We don’t know too much about Decapre in the games though.

Cammy shouldn’t have a British accent in SF4 really since she’s never had one in the video games, her accent has always been either Japanese or American. She’s not British really, she was brought up by the organization. I guess you might call her “Shadaloo-in” or something? Which is why you don’t hear her saying ‘ello gov’ner’ or things like that the way the rest of MI-6 does in the comic.

Why does she have a British Accent in the English version of SF4? Well a lot of people are not aware that she isn’t really British so it may be to appease them. I suppose if you want, you can say that she doesn’t have too much of a memory of her past life and she could of adopted the accent over the years. Like Madonna did in real life for a while. :rofl: Or you can just play SF4 with her English voice off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, the “Is she or isn’t she British” topic.

I’d like to know how things will outfold for Abel, since he too has some similarity in relation to Shadaloo, but his origens point to a foreign country(France).

The issue was decent but I don’t think it was as strong as previous ones. These qualifiers barely make sense. Why are they all going after Chun Li when there’s only one spot? Isn’t it supposed to be every man for himself? And getting Yun and Yang’s help was cheap and made her look really weak. And was the crowd completely silent or something? She wouldn’t even have been able to hear them otherwise. Which also begs the question: why didn’t anyone try to shut them up?

Otherwise though, looking forward to seeing what Decapre can do. And Zangief vs. Honda! I hope it lives up to their epic battle in Street Fighter: The Movie :stuck_out_tongue:

a good issue, but there were some 1 typo I picked up, and some design errors with Chun Li.

  • the patterns on the back of her costume are absent
  • when she gets her costume slashed, her leotard she wears underneath is absent (or maybe it got cut up too? Looks to clean - not even a bra? :p)

not a big deal really, but just being nit picky, cuz Chunnuz is my fave female fighter of all time. sorry :frowning:

I thought it was a bit cheap that they all ganged up on her, and also that she would have lost if not for Yun and Yang… bit unconventional, specially since Fei Long totally cleaned up in his fight. She really is quite weak at this stage :frowning:

Looking forward to issue 5

Good issue, story is moving along nicely as it prepares for the tournament.
And it’s got some Decapre lovin’ as well :wgrin:

Is it me or does the Street Fighter comic make Chun Li a weak fighter? So far, she hasn’t won any of her fights without something happening:

  • vs. M.Bison - Both she and Guile would have perished if not for Charlie
  • vs. Cammy in Issue #11 - Cammy was giving her a beating until she was inspired by her father’s picture. And Cammy gave up after hearing “Killer Bee”
  • vs. The Chinese fighters - If not for Yun and Yang, she would have lost

Whereas everyone else has either fought and won or fought and lost their battles without something dramatic to change the mood of the fight.

And again, it’s not that the art of the comics is bad. It’s just that I preferred the original style especially since I picked up this issue, SF4 Issue 1 and Legends:Chun Li Issue 1 at the same time. Looking at all 3 of them, I wonder why only the main series, Street Fighter, is the one that had such a different style and the others have the old style.

Also in the backup with Killer Bee, she gets owned except for that one throw she got in. Also, don’t forget Charlie in issue 4. She wails on him with a ton of moves. He states they did minimal damage and then he owns her with ONE attack. They’re definitley not showcasing her as very good when it comes to fighting. Chun needs to kick ass, and fast without any of this bull attached to it.

Chamba’s* still* not drawing any backgrounds.

Agreed 100%. This was the worst sequence in all of Udon’s SF comics.

Not only Chun-li challenges a buncha people for no reason (oh no, she’s in a hurry! give me a break, that’s a silly, silly plot point), but she also is a mediocre fighter that can’t even handle the fighters she challenged in the first place.

This tournament isn’t a tournament at all - there are no rules, you can cheat you way into winning (and no, the fact they threw stuff in her eyes does not justify it - that would be a pretty normal move, considering all the crazy attacks the game has).

It’s pretty clear that they don’t understand the importance of one-on-one fights.

I look forward to see Bison being shot by Guile with a bazooka, who’s watching the fight from far away.

Chun-li defeating 5 fighters on her own seems pretty tough to me! Though she required some voice assistance from her ‘nephews’, I’m thinking being is plenty of a disadvantage to even that out.

On the Tournament rules - it IS a tourney run by a terrorist organization, with each boss making their own rules for their qualifier, so you have to expect some dirty tactics.

And those looking forward to to more one-one one fights like last issue’s Adon VS Dahlsim, expect some of those in Turbo #5 next week.

As for Guile with the Bazooka, uh, we can do that if you really want? Heh.

-UDON Matt

Matt, recommend making sure Yun and Yang look younger than their SF3 look in the TPB releases and keep up the good work :tup: