Street Fighter II Turbo #5 Discussion Thread

It was great seeing more Final Fight characters and Dan was TOO FUNNY! :rofl:

The ending was quite a surprise though! :wow:

SF2T #5


An entire Geki ninja clan came out, and they all looked like Geki from SF1! Hey I thought the comic had Gen kill Geki in a backup story, but it’s good to know that there is more than one so SF1 Geki doesn’t necessarily have to be dead in the Udonverse, HOORAY! :nunchuck:

Umm sorry but


ninjas in comics usually wear the SAME clothes as their clansmen? Ya know like the Hand ninjas?



Not sure what you mean? There’s no Geki ninja clan in the games, one character named Geki, that’s it. So the entire thing is a comic book thing. Again, not sure what you mean… They all could of been wearing whatever. My surprise was more with regards to Geki appearing in the book (via several ninjas) after being killed in the comic, not the article of clothing.

Nothing says writing like ending a story with “and then there were NINJAS!”

Not a Geki fan?

My favourite issue of SF2T so far. Some actually interesting stuff happened this time, liked the Guy cameo too (Here, just have it, Dan! Didn’t want it anyway…)

C.Viper bonus story was hot too, loadsa boobs!

Actually after rereading the issue again, it makes me wonder if the Geki from SF1 was just a random ninja of the Geki clan.

Overall issue didn’t impress me much, rather I felt let down :confused:

Wow. That was the best SF issue ever!

Decabre, the Cammy clone, is beeing killed off - top!
Cammy and Vega explain themselves - great!
Sympathic history of Honda - win!
Mika and Zangief tag team match - wow!
Vega invites the Geki Ninja Clan - priceless!

For everything else there is MasterCard :cool:

Can’t await the next issue - hopefully Udon will tell us the story of how Vega learned ninjitsu at the Geki Clan, assasinated his sensei through the SF Tournament One and became the leader of the Clan!!!

LOVE YOU UDON FOR THIS!!! :nunchuck:

Good issue…

But first Decapre is killed off as far as I can see no blood, no mention…
besides Vega could mindwipe her memory as easliy as he deprogrammed Cammy.

Sodom get his time to shine as well :cool: