Street Fighter II Turbo #8 Discussion Thread

Wow! what a great issue.

The fighting was short, but the story was so fuuuulll.

spoiler alert


However, The Ryu finally meeting chunli was lukewarm

discuss please :cool:

A significant improvement, especially over the last issue. Some very decent fight scenes as well.

Guile launching Blanka into the air with a sonic boom to set him up for a flash kick was sweet.

My only gripe was with Bison calling Cammy “Cammy”, and not Killer Bee, despite the brackets designating her as “Killer Bee” earlier in the issue.

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can’t wait to pick up this issue! were there any sf 3 character cameos?

I like how Bison felt dhalsim was a major threat to his operations. Is it me or does Ken’s hadoken’s do hardly any damage 1st Hugo now Zangief. Looks like they just shrug it off and get annoyed in the process. loved the this issue

There’s an Ibuki back up story! :smile:

I thought some of the fights went down too fast and Joe NG did a better job depicting fighting game moves last week in SF4 which is still fresh in my mind. I did like how they had Shadaloo Island, much like the island of “Shad” in Masaomi Kanzaki’s SF2 manga so that was really nice. Overall pleased that the SF2 Tourney started and even more pleased that I didn’t have to start this thread for once. :wink: And -

SF2 #8


I’m just happy that Ryu and Chun-Li have finally MET because they’ve been missing each other in the book for years! LOL I asked Ken Siu-Chong a bunch of years ago at a con, when are the two (my two favorite characters in SF BTW) going to meet? I know they won’t be ‘having babies’ in his words but how about a handshake at least? And hey look at that, I got exactly what I asked for A handshake! :cool: And now I’m assuming Chun-Li will beat Fei-Long, Ryu will beat E. Honda and the two will fight each other? DAMN! I’m so looking forward to that fight! :karate:

I’m sorry but that Ibuki story was just complete crap

Artayes! What’s up man? (It’s Truest_Strike from Cap-Unity)

The back-up story features Ibuki–even though it was extremely short, I still enjoyed it since there wasn’t a lot to cover with so few pages. But 2 characters from her New Generation stage make an appearance :wgrin:

Also, the next issue will have an Oro back-up story with a nice alternate cover. (The UDON website shows what it looks like)

Overall, this issue was much better than the last one. I’m sure the next one will be more of the same. Fights and more fights!

This issue was more enjoyable than previous ones. It felt like we finally have a STreet Fighter comic for once. There are still so many problems, though.

I do wish they would’ve shown more of the fights. It’s pretty obvious they simply do not care about characters like Blanka, Honda, Dee Jay, etc. One look at the bracket and you knew what would happen. The writer simply does not know how to pace his stories. Never did. He must think fights are a bother, because every fight is either a quick slideshow or a silly free-for-all (which is clearly what’s happening AGAIN with Bison - just check Bison’s comment).

Newsflash, Ken-Siu-Chong: fleshing out Blanka, Dee Jay and Honda won’t slow down the storyline! You waste time on “The Adventures of Cammy”, you spend time adding Final Fight characters just for shits and giggles and you ignore the actual Stret Fighter 2 characters! All those pages with Cody, Hugo, Poison would be enough to flesh Dee Jay (or Honda, or Zangief, or Blanka) out!

But i guess that wouldn’t allow you to send a press release with “Final Fight added to Street Fighter comic!!!”, would it?!? Thats just sad!

The 1st SF series was breakneck fast and dissapointed everyone. The 2nd was too short. Is Udon afraid of making a longer arc or something? The first thing they cut are the fights, on a book called Street Fighter!

What’s so hard about making a checkist of characters and making sure each character shines in at least one fight, and has an arc with a beggining, middle and end? Not in a back-up, in the actual story? Honda dn Zangief so far? Joke characters. Dee Jay and Blanka? Background characters. Cody is more of a chaarcrter than both of those two.

Jesus Christ!

And this issue? Could’ve been broken in two no problem. Add some Zangief (or Blanka) and T-Hawk backstory scenes, make fights one or two pages longer, make the lead up more dramatic/tense. That’s it!

My art complains remain, since it’s obvious Chamba just doesn’t give a shit about backgrounds, and nobody at Udon has the balls to tell him to step it up.

TRUEST_STRIKE!!! :wgrin: wow! nice to see you! what’s up, dude? you still keeping the third strikers and especially Makoto support strong!!! I didn’t know you are in Miami, do you know Peter (flash metroid) and crew? I lived there for many a year. too bad they closed down Flippers.

thanks for all the info and great to see you posting on SRK! the Oro backup sounds unbelievable and I can’t wait for it! i hope it is longer than the Ibuki backup but them getting any exposure at all is outstanding!

thanks again and see you around!

Not bad, I like how things are going right now. The fights are decent, I lol’d when Blanka slid under a sonic boom. And they even figured out a new move for Guile.

Like someone else said I was only bothered by the fact Bison referred to her as Cammy instead of Killer Bee like he would have. And it’s kind of dumb that Bison sent the dolls after Dhalsim when he obviously knows that Dhalsim can free them.

Im calling BS on Guile being able to do a Flash Kick right after a Sonic Boom :xeye:

I liked it though. They made Sim really cool.

In general i liked.

The results of each match happened just as i thought, and about the next fights, of course Ryu will advance(nothing against E. Honda but, it’s pretty obvious…), and im almost 100% sure Chun-li will advance as well(Fei Long is one of my favorites but Chun-li is a major character in this plot so…). The only thing i didn’t like was how fast the fights were, i mean, IMO they build the main characters really overpowered, so they beat the others quite easily, i think the matches should be more balanced equally.

Ibuki side-story was pretty short and didnt tell much more about her than what we already know, but it was nice anyway, since she not seems to be a character of many mysteries like Oro and of course the most mysterious character ever: Q

By the way…Dhalsim is just awesome, i like him more every chapter he appears

Heyo guys

check out my full review of Street Fighter 2 Turbo #8 which i think was a perfect issue!

we will also be discussing fight by fight on the blog in the next couple days with insights and tidbits from Udon!

I really love Chamba’s art. I first saw him doing work for Blue Water on a Sinbad title and immediately thought about how awesome it’d be to see him do Street Fighter. I just hope they keep a semi regular schedule.

One thing I just noticed, about the spoiler tags? Whatever is in the spoiler tags still shows up when you hover over the thread titles… kinda funny.

Wasn’t Sakura supposed to access to the finals at the end of issue #6 ?

Yeah I think her going to take care of Dan took her out of the tourney. I suspected that was the case because early on when they showed us Cammy fighting T.Hawk in SF2 Turbo #1 Sakura wasn’t among the chosen.

Sakura’s also involved in the events of the SF4 comic which is going on at the same time as the SF2 Tourney.