Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting cabinet dimension help


I was curious if anyone here has an original arcade cabinet for SFII Hyper…Want to know what is the biggest tv you can install in one of these cabinets…Please post the dimensions for it or if you know a site that shows these that would work to…



SF Hyper Fighting was sold in kit form but I can tell you for sure it will either be a 25" or at most 27" monitor/TV.


Thanks for the reply, yeah i have 27" Sony Wega & wanted the dimensions to see if it will fit into the cabinet…


why not get an arcade monitor that can do proper 15 KHz?


Dude if you can hook me up with one that would be awesome if not i’m going to stick with what i have right now…

Do you have any experience in installing an arcade monitor? How difficult is it?