Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting input issue on SNES Classic Edition?


I’m having somewhat of a hard time pulling off moves like hadouken and shoryukens, and etc with the snes classic controller. I mean, I can manage to do special moves at times and manage to win and all that but is that normal on the snes cart and snes classic? :\ Man, if so, it’s frustrating. Any of you guys having the same problem? I might switch over to wii classic controller and give it a whirl on the snes classic.


Well for starters, the NES Classic Edition was known to have input delay issues, and the SNES Classic Edition uses the same hardware, so I would suspect that issue might still persist. Perhaps that might be part of your problems.

Not sure about the build quality of the SNES C.E. pads, though I was never big on the original SNES pads for Street Fighter either. Definitely give the Wii Classic Controller a shot. I think it’d better anyway since it has two trigger buttons on the right side for heavy attacks; should be more natural to play that way.

(Then again, I would prefer not to play SNES SF2 since it lacks basic things like CPS1 chains, but to each their own. :slight_smile: )


Thanks a lot for your input, Usagi.

Okay so I tried the wii classic controller, annndd unfortunately it’s got the same feel and input issue. All in all, I’d say the rate of pulling off special moves with both controllers is like 70%… Still definitely playable though. Probably won’t be playing SF2 turbo on SNES Classic again for a while… shame… I can’t believe they didn’t address the inputting issue. If you guys are curious, I didn’t get SNES Classic edition just for SF2T lol…

Anyway I appreciate the feedback.