Street Fighter II? Turbo: Hyper Fighting

I would have loved to see Street Fighter II? Turbo: Hyper Fighting as part of the EVO family of tournament games.

I understand that Super Street Fighter II Turbo is the Street Fighter II series game of choice for most high level players. But with the release of Street Fighter II? Turbo: Hyper Fighting on Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade, Hyper Fighting has seen a strong resurgence in popularity.

In addition, (in the USA) Street Fighter II? Turbo: Hyper Fighting on Xbox Live Arcade provides the most consistent access to pick-up games in all of the Street Fighter II series.

Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition on the XBox/XBox 360 does provide an online game that can allow for Super Turbo play, but it is VERY difficult to reliably find pick-up matches (outside pre-arranged matches with friends), let alone actually get matches with Super Turbo vs. Super Turbo characters.

What’s more, it can be argued that Hyper Fighting is up there with Super Turbo for the most balanced of the Street Fighter II series.

So we have Street Fighter II? Turbo: Hyper Fighting offering these key contributions to having it included among the EVO tournament titles:

  1. It has a large, active player base
  2. It is regarded as a very well balanced game
  3. It has reliable gameplay available online for players to practice

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When is Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting HD Remix featuring Jean Claude Van Damme coming out? Can’t wait!


I don’t think you guys understand what he’s trying to say… even though ST is the latest revision of SF2 and arguably the best, I think HF is the most solid and better balanced of the two games; if you ask any of the really old school players who play ST right now, many of them will prefer HF (look at the posts with LAAkuma, he’ll explain why he prefers HF over ST). Both games are great, but there are some things I don’t like with ST (I don’t think supers belong in the game, especially with the already high damage the game has, it also takes away the zoning game that HF had.)

I completely understand what he’s trying to say. But this thread should be retitled to something like " Wanted: SF2:Hyper Fighting matches on Xbox Live".

Online and Offline communities are 2 different things and most Online players aren’t willing to travel to an event like EVO.

Try this: Set up a side tourney at EVO West/Worlds and see how it goes.

My bottom line: If it’s not an EVO-bound game, you’re wasting your time.


hyper fighting is way more broken than ST. ST is recognized as the superior tournament game. HF is fun, but tourney-wise and skill-wise it barely even touches ST. so this is a pretty dumb argument…replace ST with HF at EVO, and watch the already low turnout split in half.

Where’s Apoc to defend this thread?

ST may be recognized as a “more popular” tournament game, but when you say skill and balance wise its over HF you are 100% wrong.
Yeah Hyper Fighting is very fun someone should try and station some casuals at least.

i say you’re both wrong. Broken Honda’s moving hand slaps and “invincible” headbutts vs certain characters…Chun’s invincible spinning bird kick and ridiculous priority with air kicks…Blankas complete nonsense with the up-roll…Gief’s ridiculous range with the SPD and near-invincible kick lariat…Ryu’s ridiculous damage/knockdown air hurricane kick…Ken’s RIDICULOUSLY invincible dragon punches with crazy priority and recovery…Sagat’s dragon punch that does full damage even if you spam the move out and it barely touches the opponent…

Need I go on?

The game is more of “mastering the nonsense” than gameplay. Abuse the ridiculous stuff in the game to win, rather than learning what beats what. There’s just too much crazy stuff in that game that makes no sense. i think the game got even more broken after being released on the 360, now that all the bullshit has been revealed. it’s nearly impossible to even beat Honda with a non-fireball character, and Blanka is pretty much unbeatable.

I doubt we’ll ever see HF as a evo game, and this thread is just going to end up with personal opinions.

I disagree with dxp. Those things you mentioned don’t really break the game and imo it’s not stupid either it’s just a simple advantage.

Honda’s moving slaps aren’t that good at all unless you’re playing on xbox live, even then it’s not that good. His headbutt is supposed to be invincible to give him something good (I think that’s his strength in any sf). What’s the difference between him having a good headbutt compared to his stored ochio throw in ST? That would be like mastering stupid shit over and over again too.
Honda can’t be beat by non-fireball characters? Gief, rog, vega, blanka, bison? that’s 5 out of 12 characters, less than half. Gief is equal to honda in this matchup, maybe 2 more characters have to work hard to beat him.

Blanka is better in ST than in HF imo. I don’t see how HF Blanka is unbeatable. Chun li rapes him, Ryu,ken, can control him, I would think sagat, guile, honda do decent, and gief is good against any character once he lands a throw or knockdown. That’s 7 characters, more than half that can do reasonably well or at least put up a fight.

Chun’s air kicks and SBK? Again her air kicks have always been good, and SBK is only invincible on startup animation, after that it gets hit by a bunch of moves, at least it gives her somewhat of an option to get out of tick throws. In ST she has that upward kick which is even better and a stored super… She’s pretty powerful in this game in my opinion, but those two reasons you listed aren’t why she’s good.

Ryu’s Hurricane is good and is good in the air, but you don’t want to be jumping much against him anyway. Plus there’s no reason for him to jump randomly and throw it out there.
Ken’s dp is good but not broken, and besides in the early days they had to give him something different from ryu to suit his aggressive personality. If he starts abusing if, walk forward, walk backward, walk forward throw.
Sagat’s upper does full damage when you stick limbs out against it yes, even from full distance. makes sense to me.

One of the reasons I prefer HF over ST, is because there’s no tech throwing, get out of jail supers and reversals for every character. Imo, Balrog, Old Sagat, and Dhalsim are clearly the top three in this game. It’s less balanced than HF.

Most ST players don’t like HF, but I wouldn’t knock on that game, and I don’t see why you would knock on HF. It sounds like your upset because the characters you might like aren’t as good, or you’ve just been playing on xbox live<-that can make anyone hate this game.

Just my 2 cents.

You wrote all that for no reason.

HF isn’t getting in.

Go set up a station next to HNK or some shit.

yeah and you read that all for no reason. if you read my FIRST sentence, you will know that wasn’t the point of my post.

:rofl: After Evo Im going to miss SRK!:looney::rofl:

HF is more balanced than ST, but I think ST is waaay more fun…

Let’s see…Honda hand slaps lose to all jabs, some strongs, and trades with pretty much all fierce attacks.

Chuns SBK, Has start up which allows the opposing player to option select Attack—> special. Example, ryu knockdown chun, deep c.short/c.forward, dp. You just gotta watchout for it if she uses it as an AA, but you should be able to see her charging, just like upkicks in ST.

Blanka up ball, if you react fast enough you can punish it on the way down, just gotta watch for crossups.

Gief spd and lariat. Just like every other sf game, reversal tick attempts, don’t get close to gief, and don’t whiff lol. Kick lariat get’s beat by TONS of attacks, except lows. It has pretty much nil priority.

Ryu’s hurricane, yeah it’s good. just don’t throw fb’s up close and watch for hurricane crossups.

Ken’s dp, hit him out of the air, don’t even give him a chance to land becuase 99% of the time he’ll do another one.

Sagat’s dp, not as good as the shoto dp and gets beat by lots of stuff, though it does do a lot of damage. Just don’t jump.

ST has the same BS. Honda tick throws, glitched supers, o.sagat, horrible matchups etc. all the same shit.

LOL, sometimes i wonder about you. I remember you arguing with me on IRC about Gief vs honda matchup. You said Gief beats honda easily, and i said that’s one of the worst matchups in the entire game. I wonder what made you change your tune?? maybe “learning” how to play the game??

You CLEARLY are clueless when it comes to HF. This is a dumb argument but it got REALLY dumb once you chimed in with the above. Have some knowledge of a game before you make statements like that.


i say have a side tournament at evo west and world on street fighter hyper anniversary edition

Having a HF side tourney would be dope. I wonder if there’s a better alternative to AE though?

Im down for a hyper fighting side tourney… :slight_smile:

lol oh man

Why don’t you have a JoJo’s side tournament as well. You might get more people for that.