Street fighter II V on American television!

I have direct TV and I saw that channel 533 EWAM, has the SF II V series on. My nine year old nephew is loving :tup:

A lot of fans dislike the series I thimk you’ll find. I have all of the UK video volumes since the DVD’s never came out here. I also have a supposed import DVD Collection which I think may be a bootleg, it’s weird because the opening and closing themes are different and the English voice acting is done by other people. I intend to get the proper US version sometime and then chuck that one in the bin.

Anwyays as for the series, at first I wasn’t all that keen I only really got into the series when the Vega battle began. It was weird that the anime was at first so slow paced (IMO) and the suddenly BOOM! Everything was rushed like mad, the Bison fight wasonly one episode long whilst Vega got how many for his battle? 3 or 4?

I remember picking up the first VHS looooong time ago when it first came out, but I never could afford to get them all, not on my allowance back then :sad: a couple years back I downloaded them all, that was the first and only time I ever saw it. I’m enjoying re watching this series. God belss Tivo :clap:

The series starts off good but just starts getting worse and worse and more and more repeatitive.

The first fight of the series (Guile Vs Ryu) is the best in the entire series, which says something.

The story starts off good with Ryu leaving his island with an invitaion to America by Ken, then they both get their asses kicked by Guile at which point they decide to travel the world to make themselves better fighters.

Its a good start but gets bad and messy a ways in, basicly when they go to Thailand is the starting point of where it all starts going downhill. The eps that took place in China with Chun Li were pretty good (compared to the rest of the series) but it gets worse after that.

And just when people didnt think the series could get worse, there’s the fact that the series originaly started out as a sequel to SF2: The Animated Movie, but then some new director came in (or something) and really fukced it up, turning it into what it is now.

hey TAS whats the deal with the pic from the link? that surely isnt SFV2 series, can you tell something?

Yup that’s not 2v, that’s the first time I saw that. Where did you get it?

wow! news to me, that’s a pretty cool pic, I wish it had stayed in continuity, but it’s still fun to watch :pleased:

Yeah ! That wasn’t in the movie ! Ryu and Chun-li never met ! Please tell us where that is from !!

That was a short straight to video Anime of SF2. Capcom resold it with the SF2 Anniversary package a while ago.

SF2V didn’t get a new director. It was directed by Gisabaru Sugii, the same exact director of SF2 the Animated Movie. He said in an Animerica interview that originally they were going to make the series into a sequel to SF2, but decided to make it into a prequel to flesh out the characters and it was supposed to be a long running series, but it ended early, it didn’t do so well in Japan.

I’ve always suspected the decision to go ‘younger’ was a way for Capcom to sell the SF Zero 1(Alpha) which was a prequel. SF2V came out before SF Zero and the later episodes started advertising SF Zero in Japan, with T-Shirts, merchandising and so on. Capcom has always found a way to advertise future products in Animes. The SF2 Anime Movie spawned commercials that used movie clips Cammy, Deejay, Feilong and T.Hawk to sell the 3D0 version. The Darkstalkers OVA included a Vampire Savior commercial. LOL, you can see the Puzzle Fighter for that Bandai handheld right in the SF Zero Anime.

I liked the SF2V Anime myself. Bear in mind that most Anime that goes straight to TV is made in a ridicoulosly short time period like the studio has 3 months to make 25 episodes and if the show catches fire they have to put on a new episode every two weeks. In SF2V there are no scenes with characters mouths moving on the side of their faces like every single episode of Pokemon. There are no scenes with the characters running around with big heads and little bodies like the Virtua Fighter Anime. I’ll take repeated fight scenes over any of these Animation time saving devices. Not evey TV Anime in Japan recieves the high budget of Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex or Ninja Scroll, those are rarities(and a new thing, TV Animes recieving that high a budget back then was unheard of.) They did the best they could with what they had.

As far as the story goes you have to take it into context of when it came out. It came out BEFORE the SF Zero/Alpha series. There was a lot left up to interpretation, SF2 didn’t have that much of a story to it. Did they go a bit too far with Dhalsim training Ryu and Cammy being a lot older? Sure, but most Animes based on Games aren’t perfect and don’t get everything right, the SF2 Animated Movie did the best at doing so but making that into a long running series (Again, the SF2 Anime was planned to run a loooooong time) and eventually you are going to have to start making stuff up. Shoot, even Studio Udon only plans to tackle SF2 for only 2 years…

Anyway, I’m one of the few who liked SF2V. Before that series I had no idea SF2 actually had any kind of story. Sure, later on I found out a huge percentage of it was wrong but a lot of the things that make SF great came through in the series. When Ryu faced Guile in the cave and decided “I don’t want to fight you Guile. If it wasn’t for you I never would of taken on this journey. I’d like to see you again, I have plenty of things I would like to discuss with you.” was the exact moment Ryu became my favorite video game character, and everything thus far has proven that this is Ryu’s true character. He doesn’t fight for revenge, just to be the best he could be.

And if you like the SF Zero(Alpha) Anime, the reason it even exists is because the US version of SF2V sold very well in the US for Manga Video, so they approached Capcom for a sequel. Capcom of course didn’t make a sequel because the series wasn’t popular in Japan but this is how the SF Zero Anime came about, Manga Video put up A LOT of the Money and they got it back since the SF Zero Anime sold really well in Japan and outside. LOL, they went a bit too far in the packaging calling it a sequel to SF2V, Ha! Ha! So SF2V served it’s purpose at least. Unless of course you also hate the SF Zero Anime then oh well. :rofl:

I got the sf2 animated movie, sf2 V series and the sf alpha anime movie as well. And I also enjoyed the sf2 v series. Animation wise it wasn’t too great. The recycling of animations got tiresome and annoying at times. Story wise it was pretty good I thought. No one expected Ryu and Ken to get the asses whipped by Guile in the first story arc. I didn’t enjoy Sagat and Balrog’s character interpretations. For those that didn’t watch SF2V, all I can say is that it doesn’t follow the SF storyline found in the games. Ryu and Ken are only 17 years old and Chun is 15 in this series. Once you accept that it’s part of an alternate universe than you can really enjoy the story. And the music was pretty good and fit the scenes.

Not all the characters appear in the series. Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun, Fei Long, Cammy, BAlrog, Vega, Zangief, Sagat, Dhalsim, Bison show up. Also there’s a where’s waldo thing going on with akuma for each episode I believe.

SF2 animated movie had excellent animation. Fight scenes were well choreographed. I didn’t like the voicework at all. Story was pretty boring I found.

SF alpha movie was the suck I thought. Boring storyline. Poor fight scenes… the characters seeemed to float in the air.

I think they’re making a sequel to SF alpha aren’t they?

Yes, the sequel to SF Alpha Anime is coming out in Japan in June, and ‘supposedly’ in October in the US. We still have no idea what it’s about, not one stinking picture or anything, and it’s only two months away… That is bearing in mind that it wasn’t postponed or something yet again…

Rumor has it Ryu and Gouki(Akuma) are supposed to fight, picking things up where the other one left off. Bear in mind it’s just a rumor.

I don’t get it. It was the short straight to video SF 2 anime?

Capcom resold it with the SF2 Anniversary package a while ago.?

I’m really confused. Do you mean it was a comercial or Ad ?

I don’t remember Chun Li hanging out with Ryu and Ken at all. Did Sony cut this out of the English version?

There was short SF2 Animes that were shown only on TV, or just straight to video, one of those deals. It is not a part of the SF2 Animated Movie. This was a long time ago, back in the 90s after the SF2 Animated Movie came out.

IT IS NOT PART OF THE SF2 ANIMATED MOVIE. Not yelling, just stressing this because it doesn’t seem like this is getting through.

When SF celebrated SF2’s 15th Anniversary, they resold the straight to video shorts (I believe there was two) along with Masaomi Kanzaki’s SF2 Manga, the Sakura Ganbaru! Manga and other SF related stuff. If your DVD player is Region free, you can order it the SF Anniversary package and watch the shorts yourself.

Keep reading the “Warrior’s Fate” Thread in the fan fiction section. We discussed this extensivly before if there is still any confusion.

There’s also that cartoon series…umm

Street Fighter Code of Honor that was on American channels.

And it’s sequel Street Fighter Soul Powers

I’ve never actually seen the entire thing but it was pretty bad.

That’s the same series, it’s just season one and two. LOL, I got the entire series for ten bucks and now I still feel like I got ripped off, that’s how bad it is! Watch the Final Fight episode and the Ryu/Sagat/Sakura episode both on season 2, skip the rest. :rofl:

What exactly happens in the SF2 super shorts? And do you have to get the Japanese version of SF Anniversary to see them?

Not the Japanese version of SF AE the game. It’s a package of SF related stuff for their 15th Anniversary. No game. And this is the best way to view them, but again your DVD player has to be region free or able to play Japanese DVDs. I’ll look for a link.

I forget what was on it having not seen it. If I remember, it contains no fighting and just talking, yawn…

The Ken + Ryu versus M.Bison (cape) fight in this series BLOWS AWAY the fight in the SF2 animated movie.

None of that “I’ll fight you on your own level” bullshit. Scissor kicks, psycho crushers, badass electric glowing fists to the face. Appropriately violent.

Here’s what the cover of the box of the SF 15th Anniversary Package looked like. It’s Masaomi Kanzaki’s art from his SF2 Manga since that’s included.

And a photo they used to advertise it, images of the SF2 Shorts.

I’ll probally never get a chance to see those episodes. are they sub titled?

Wow, Thanks for clearing that up for me. :sad:

I had no idea there was SF mini episodes. Curse sony for not includeing these little gems with the uncut DVD. !!! :badboy:

For that dude who didn’t know about the new anime: