Hello SF Fans,
No new Udon comics this week, but that awesome image from Street Fighter II #0 by Alvin Lee is now a wall poster. The Cammy and Felicia Door Posters are scheduled to be in stores sometime in January, early February.


by Alvin Lee & Gary Yeung
Just in time for the upcoming holiday season, the stunning cover of last month’s Street Fighter II #0 is now available as a jaw-dropping poster! Fan-favorite artist Alvin Lee renders the entire cast from the Street Fighter II plus Akuma! This incredible poster will make a great addition to any comic, game or anime fan’s wall!

Poster, 24 x30, FC SRP: $9.99

I want that poster! Please,udon,make a poster or wall scroll with the whole cast of street fighter 3 and remember to include Effie with Necro in it and Poison for Hugo,that makes twenty two characters. Street fighter 2 gets all the attention and that just sucks. hopefully when the story arc goes that way we can see MANY posters,figures,scrolls,etc. of the third strike cast.

Now thats cool! I had the image as a wallpaper for weeks:rolleyes:
Gonna pick it up as soon as I got the chance.

I wish they’d release it as a wall scroll instead. Paper/Laminated posters aren’t great.

;_; They haven’t released a new wall scroll of SF in forever.

Cool poster. I tried to buy one through your website, but then it wanted to charge me $7.00 for UPS ground shipping. For a poster??

It’s a very cluttered layout.

I’ll pass.

Cool Ima get one, though Udon should try doing Wall scrolls, they are 100x better

Definitely, wall scrolls all the way. Please let us know if you can. (I mean…heck, they sell them so cheaply for printed material)

I agree.

I like this one better…

YOU’RE a cluttered layout.


Best UDON poster ever, if you ask me! :slight_smile:
Heck, this is, in my humble opinion, the best Street Fighter related piece of artwork ever made.

I picked up the last poster at the store I went to. Seems like it’s selling like hot cakes around here. :smile:

Oh, and I still want that SF2 #1 Raw Edition cover with Ryu and Chun-Li as a poster in color, like a door poster or something. Pleeeeeeease… :lol:

This poster is now available in London at the usual suspects.