Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Online Edition Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking and Discussi



Speaks for itself - post all your GGs here :slight_smile:


3SOE deserves it’s own sub section like HDR


GG’s Holdat and Hikochan been a long time and fuck im rusty but was fun non the less :smiley:


GGs to DanVDT as usual,


Yeah, GGs to Chill Hard! Long time! I forgot how to parry. lol


GG’s to everyone I played today.:sunglasses:


It’s been a while, but just like 3s, i’m back… Were’s my old Hugo avatar…?

GGs to all i played last night!


ggs man… ive been getting my ass kicked in 3s. all this sf4 has made my execution ASS. i got so used to input leniency, i mess up my mantis slashes probably 30% of the time :confused:


I’ll see if the admins want to put it as a subsection.

Sorry I’m a bit late to stick this. Been terribly busy then the hurricane decided to GGPO Jersey.


no worrys man, maybe we can get back at it tonight?


good games to anyone I played this week


Looking for some people to help me learn 3S. Im progressing, but I want to be able to beat this guy at our ranbats this saturday. I play and Denjin Ryu. My gamertag is Cee Dizzy. Lets get some games in please and thank you :slight_smile:


GG’s to everyone I’ve played. People think this shit is ssf4 lol spamming akuma, cmon lol.


good games to anyone i played in the tournament mode.


still learning 3s… need more people on my friends list to play against to level up. GT: Dread Primetime


I hope i never run into this guy under the name “Vinnykun” ever again. Whoever that is :wink: heh.

GG’s folks.


GGS to Americanmexican and Street figter…


gg to everyone i played tonight, hope the game sticks around :rock: -skippedwords


He’s that yun player, he’s a bit good, he has destroyed me a few times, ggs though.


I know who he is man , i’ve played him in ST/HDR before. I just had no idea he was so good at 3S. I played him once and i got my ass kicked so bad i thought to myself : “why should i bother playing this game?” LOL