Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking & Discussion)


PSN: Leady_<br>Location: U.S.A. - Atlantic North - Southeast Virginia [stable connection]<br>Mains: Gouki, Ken, Elena<br><br>3s initially drew me to fighting games, to sign up here, & attend my first [3s’ last] EVO in 2k9.  I’m usually in-game evenings (EST) at least 3 times a week.


Been a while since I played but I witness a very UGH moment the last time online:<div><br><div>-Lobby of 5 or 6 people.</div></div><div>-Twelve vs. Ken</div><div>-Twelve activates X-COPY.</div><div>-Wins by putting Ken in the corner and spamming, which Ken walks into and doesn’t bother blocking at all considering he still had decent health left.</div><div>-Everyone leaves the lobby as a result. </div> :expressionless:


If anybody still plays this, feel free to add me.

PSN: Shienne-Lindelle
Location: USA, Atlantic South(Georgia)
Main character: Elena
Secondary character: Elena


I’d add you but I fear the connection wouldn’t be in our favor.


add me if anyone still plays.
Location: USA, Texas
Main Char- Yang
Second char- ken


GGs to those guys/gals on PSN!
psn: wrblack
main - hugo


I’m pretty ass at the game, but anyone that wants to play and help me improve would be great!

PSN: Spiral0Architect
Main: Yang
Location: USA, Oregon (stable connection)


Spiral, around what times do you play?



If there is anyone who is new to 3S, as unlikely as it may be, hopefully you can add me for some games. Always looking to level up.



PSN: ZeroUnlim
Location: New York City, NY
Main: Urien
Secondary: Akuma

I’ve been playing 3’s for a while, it’s pretty much my main fighting game. I’d love to get some matches in with decent players!


How is this game online on PS3? Does it lag more so than the 360 version? Wanna buy it but not sure…


My PS3 freezes when I play this game. Is anybody else having this problem?


Archangel: It’s a glitch that they’ve hopefully fixed in the patch that’s, er, just waiting to be released. You’re not the only one.


Hi everyone i have my Fight Club video up!
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Finally! Been a 3rd Strike player for years! Now that it is online I’ve been playing seriously and loving the community. I may or may not have played a bunch of people on here. My handle is soulavenger02 on PSN. Just trying to maximize my man Alex and improving my Ken. Curious who are considered the beasts to fight on PSN and if there are physical tournaments for 3S outside of Japan. Cheers


Hit me up on PSN : SargeSparta


I’ve noticed an influx of new players. Welcome to you all. Don’t mind the shite lag. Hit me up for tips if we play. PSN: Duralath


PSN: Sakamoto_MEX
Main: Ibuki
Sec: Ken
Skill: Beginner



I can play most of the roster but I rotate between Alex/Q/ Makoto

Not a beginner but not a pro either just a regular


Are you guys still active on here? If so, my PSN ID is JBoogie0401.