Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking & Discussion)

If I were to run a tournament like I’ve been doing for the MvC2 ones, would people be interested in entering?

@ ErixXx

Eric, you know we will enter this tournament no matter what. We’re just waiting for somebody to do it so WHAT YOU WAITING FOR?? DO IT SON!!!

Well, seems like majority of the people posting are just getting into the game now, so it’s gonna be weird to host one now since it’d just be like really good players VS new players =\

Who cares!! I just know people want it and I know this tourney won’t be the last one. It’s also a good way to know how well your skill level is this early in it’s game. Unlike mvc2, I doubt on this game I will get far at all so I say just do it and give people about 2 weeks before you officially started it.

This video is better then the first one I recorded few days ago.

ibuki player here. add me for some good games.

btw, I tried to add some of you and got an error about having the max number of friends. didn’t know that was even possible, lole

I am here:,-100.381572

Hello! Im not to good(yet) but i plan to play this game religiously. PSN: Edingfield
HIt me up to get games in. Also if you live in the denver area we can meet up to play as well :smiley:

PSN: Duralath

I rotate my characters a lot between Alex, Urien, and Ken, mainly. Unless I get bored, in which case I go elsewhere.

PSN: Anddhe

Add me. I’m terrible. the worst. i suck horribly at this game and don’t even know how to parry fireballs. I will probably sandbag you. So add me for practice. I need more people to add me since nobody on my friends list will play me. I’m on every day.

Veeeery interesting what he said:blah:

lol at Alex3rdstrike. i would be happier to fight more twelve’s than ryus or kens.

Psn: Vess_Index
I need some fighter gamer players on my add list, so for 3rd strike indeed my friend.

Im pretty sure I played some people from this thread not too long ago. Good games to all. Hit me up for games anytime. I play Yang.
PSN: Poshib

Hit me up to play im on nowww

I don’t know what to say about that Alex3rdstrike guy. :coffee: But, he ragequits when he loses. Don’t bother playing him. lol Also, much respect for being a 12 player OyaJimmy.

Anyway, I use Hugo, 12, Sean, Q, Remy, Elena, & Alex. I’m also in the top 10 on the PSN leaderboards and I am the #1 Hugo on there as well. I also play 3s at Super Arcade so feel free to play me there too. :slight_smile:

PSN ID: jesse4thrash

Maiming Dudley for now but still practicing. Anyone in the norcal area add me or message me thanks

What did you originally send him?

A couple of days ago I played a custom colored Urien like Gill (half grey and white). Anyone seen this before? I stopped playing the guy to take a picture. He left the match and asked him about the color palette. His was adamant he didn’t have Urien. Very strange.

Looking for fellow europeans to play against
ID: southpaw_srk

Sounds like you played Gill and not Urien, Gill has that palette, not Urien.

It was definitely Urien. Gill didn’t have that color set unless their was an alternate I was unaware of.