Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Ranked Games!


Hi guys check out my latest Street Fighter III 3rd strike video!





Yeah I agree I’m not very good at 3rd Strike I’m more of a Street Fighter 4 series player never played this much still getting use to everything :slight_smile: thanks for the comment


welcome to the world of street fighter 3
prepare for…

actually you should post this in the OE video thread. the Strike alumni will then comment on your playstyle, give tips etc


I can comment. You suck and I can’t make any sense of your mumbling because your mic is too low, you talk too soft and the game audio is too loud.


Fair enough!


Ok thanks


Know what you want to accomplish. What do you want to accomplish by using jabs? jabs aint that good in 3s. Learn to max dmg punish most of the time, stay calm, dont punish srk’s by where you could have waited for him to land, do something like cl.hp cancel into srk . learn whats punishable ( Get a gameplan, try not to do stuff that dont have a purpose. if you scored a knockdown dont back up to the other way of the screen .
to be continued (maybe)


Thanks dude I appreciate the advice I really need to start playing this more!


Thanks for moving your post man.
The two 3rd strike video threads look quite similar at a glance.

“The Official 3rd Strike Match Vids Thread” is for the really high level stuff, mostly Japanese.

“The 3rd Strike Online Edition Video Thread” is for the kind of stuff you have posted here.


try staying on the ground more.
don’t use sweep quite so often and so close. think of it as move that lets you advance freely if it hits. so it’s more about stage control and position than wakeup mixup games (like i believe it is in 4, maybe not).

don’t use back to charge. use downback or better yet, whiff a relatively quick move (like mp) while charging back or downback to stay in one spot on the screen. you will look more like you’re checking space and playing footsies than just charging waiting. you always want to mask your charge moves if you can.


No worries dude :slight_smile: Sorry about the mistake


Thanks for advice dude have to give it try tomorrow :slight_smile: appreciate the help


When you get the knockdown with Alex, you need to dash up and get right in their face, instead of just standing there. Do stomps, stand mk into lp or ex chop, the hcb grab, the standing hp overhead etc, mix these up each time and throw in the odd sweep to start over. If you’re using the Stungun super, you can tag it on after the rushing elbow attack (charge back, forward and any kick). Use the mp button. Try to blend this in with lots of other attacks and movements, and don’t just sit there trying to do it every time you get the full meter, as it’s easy to get out of, but trickier to avoid online. If you do get the dizzy, don’t rush your follow ups or fluff the moves. You can actually get one taunt spin in for slightly increased damage (?) before you begin the next attack.
If you pressure them into the corner, and they try to jump out, meet them in the air with down and hp, then do standing hp for a juggle hit. You can follow this up with ex flash chop on the ground or try a jab stungun to suck off big health quick if they flinch. Don’t forget to tag any fireball thrown from full screen with your hp stungun.

Picking Chun Li and slamming on hp from range or back and hp up close will also help you a lot in basic shoto fights online, and again, if they throw a fireball from range, you can quickly use super2 to pass through it and tag 'em.


Watching that video made me realize how amazing I am =D



Try not to press back whilst playing and also not having a chat with yourself might keep you focused on the game :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah “Do Stomps” isn’t great advice, there are some good stomp set ups you can use and a random stomp now and again will keep people on their toes but generally it isn’t a great move and can be countered easily


I didn’t even see the “If you’re using the Stungun super, you can tag it on after the rushing elbow attack (charge back, forward and any kick)” advice.

There’s some next level shit in this thread.

There are some really situational times I can see stomp being OK, but just throwing it out there to keep them on their toes sounds like a good way to at best, get blocked, and at worst, get parried and hit with a full punish.

But this is XBL, so who cares, be Mr. Nike and just do it®


Well ex stomp is your wake up when you get knocked down, and it looks like they’re coming in to pressure you and press buttons. The downback always charge is crucial for Alex, as you can go to stomp or elbow charge from it. Regular stomps after you knock them down, mixing up lk or mk versions has been a traditionally horrible tactic to abuse online, and as you’ll mainly be fighting Urian players trying to land unblockables, or people using top tier Ken over and over, there’s really no shame in this type of game, despite their protests. The second a stomp starts up, you simply just start charging again. Even making them think you’re going to do it twice begins the classic 3s yomi (mind game) scenario, as if they sail into the sky trying to dragon something that hasn’t come out, you get free hard chop ~ command grab, or super, for huge punishment.


Did you see the video? It’s either a troll or the guy has got at least two years of hard work before he can consistently take matches from most of the other voices in here. The stungun super in general seems to land a lot more frequently (against jump-ins, wake-up, rush elbow etc, and I have the replays to prove it) on this lag-ridden, trashy conversion. I admit totally on a London cab against the guys who’ve played it virtually everyday for 12 years, Alex feels pathetically slow and obvious, but online… always a different story.