Street fighter III: 3rd strike relaunch?


Is there any news or info if Street fighter III: 3rd strike ever will be relaunched?

I havent played Street fighter III: 3rd strike and would love to buy.


probably some day if capcom gets their act together i could imagine seeing it on xbl and psn at some point.


who knows? maybe you can pick up a copy on dc,xbox or ps2(capcom anniversary collection)?

There is Tatsunoko vs Capcom for the Wii. Super Street Fighter 4 PS3/360 is good.

Capcom pretty much gave up on 2d fighters…Capcom vs SNK3 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 might come out? Who knows?


marvel vs capcom 3 is coming out for sure =P


disappointing thread i thought someone found a way to launch people then launch them again in 3s


call me when it’s on PSN g’nite


3S has been the competitive mainstay of the SF community for a damned long time. If there were any news about it, people would be dancing down the asiles and shouting it from the rooftops.



Maybe they can port it to Wiiware or Xbox live arcade.


Damn, I got my hopes up for nothing.



save me from SSFIV


Check it out.


people already use ggpo…I want a re-release cuz then it “legitimizes” the game being kept around the tournament scene. Sorta like with mvc2.


Well they’ll release a game if they think joe casual will buy it.


Wow… I’m surprised no one’s come here to bash 3S yet…


I know I would! and I wasn’t as disappointed as some of you because it doesn’t seem like 3S will ever be released again by capcom so i don’t get my hopes up.


stupid chun fighter should go 2 perry hell
Had to do it.


I believe that Seth at the beginning of this year in a video said that he had a surprise for people that played this game. He said that a remix of this would cost alot of money. I remember something about that.

Maybe a release for psn and xbl would be helpful? The ggpo program is useful when it needs to, but without a practice mode for me, it kind of ruins the purpose. I don’t have one of those ps3 systems where I can play the ps2 version, since I have the ps3 slim. They should release it for that.


3s is never coming back to EVO
dont even dream about it


Don’t worry you have MB to compensate.



I feel sorry for anyone who ever bought a Megaman game, ever…