Street Fighter III 3rd Strike URIEN and YUN combo videos


Hello, everyone. It’s been a while since I last visited Shoryuken 3rd Strkie Discussion Zone.

Recently, I just uploaded some URIEN and YUN videos to YOUKU, China Mainland’s No.1 video website.

URIEN videos contain midscreen and corner unblockable setup and some other combos, while YUN videos are mainly about corner Genei-Jin combo.

Shoryuken 3rd Strkie Discussion Zone is the only oversea forum that I post these videos. Not only because I’ve learned a lot from threads here, but also because it’s still the most heated and professional 3S Discussion Zone worldwide.

Here are the video playlists:

!!!Important!!! How to watch those videos in high definition format:
Click any of the video, on the right side of the volume district, there is “清晰度” (which means definition) selection. Click “高清” (which means high definition) on the first row of selection window. Your web browser should remember the setting and always load the high definition format.

If you have any suggestion, feedback or comment, please post in this thread. Thank all of you.


needs to go in the character specific section. Also mention that these are basic combos. Nothing new.