Street Fighter III: 4th Wave Fan Conceptualization


Street Fighter III is a bizarre game. It’s small cast is both eclectic and strange. To some it’s a masterful work of art, Capcom’s very best. To others the changes are extreme and not at all the way Street Fighter should be played. Perhaps for all intents and purposes Street Fighter III tries to be everything Street Fighter II was not. Not only does the gameplay radically differ due to parries, structurally it’s similarities have strands of Street Fighters DNA but is it’s very own beast.

I remember talking with individuals prior to the release of Street Fighter IV and it was alarming to me that a even though there are three versions of Street Fighter III most people had never even heard of it! Even more alarming is that many considered it to be inferior to Capcom’s other releases. The character design was considered to be weak in comparison to the Alpha series and the classic World Warriors. However, the game has since gone from being the underdog and excelled to legendary status praised for it’s superb animation and stunning backgrounds. It makes you wonder what the game would have turned into if it did not stop at 3rd Strike. Street Fighter II received many different versions and even Street Fighter IV has seen it’s fair share of revisions and patches, while SFIII stopped dead at 3S.

Early new generation and concept stages revealed some very interesting design choices and even with all the critism from the roster choice you can see that Capcom did their very best to weed out some of the bad stuff. Some of this stuff was later revealed in Capcom’s Secret Files flyer.

Here are some early concepts:





Alex and Dudley


Sean and Ibuki


Q, Makoto, and Chun - Li


Remy and Twelve


Misc images


Note: Q without his mask?!

Unused character designs


With everything listed above It does make you wonder what a fourth version of Street Fighter III would be like. What would be changed? Who would they add? What kind of influence would the fans have? What sort of story would be revealed? How would gameplay differ? etc.

I am personally happy with 3rd Strike but it’s not hard to romanticize what a new game would be like. So in the spirit of imagination and conceptualization in new title what would you personally like to see in a new iteration of Street Fighter III? What would you change or add? If you could be the art director for the next SF III game what would you do different?


I don’t know what you’re trying to do with this thread because it starts off with a 3S retrospective, then you include some concept art that’s not widely available (and that’s appreciated) and then you propose the dead horse questions ‘what if they did a part 4?’

Just seems like a pointless thread. No offense.


Remember a few of these.

That’s badass how close the sketch concepts turned into actual moves. Great job, artists all around pixel creation from outlines, and the real techniques used. Makoto looks so damn cool and detailed, great addition in both concept and execution of her original playstyle.

Bleeding Urien seemed to be important even if so rarely seen.
but whatever the hell ibuki is comically emoting the 1-2 3 fists shake… was naturally removed. Oro’s wenis.
Very interesting designs going into Darkstalkers/JoJo’s territory, as Remy and Q emerged from such in house designs at the time, and you can see how some of their motions ended up in the characters finalized. Necro spin knuckle torso twist to the turned guy. Would definitely play ROBO-mech Terry Bogard.

Err, new Capcom only thinks the fans are obsessive Ryu hobo bag freaks, ignoring any other request no matter how legitimate. Does Derek Neal know Yang has a cat, who Rikimaru even is, or how Masahiko Nakahira’s Ryu FINAL story ended? =/

Blending charge characters with motions and standardizing the Super Move motions for the most part, is really what to do and make the games more accessible. Giving ridiculous attention to hit sounds, screen motion in large thuds on knockdown, and everything dramatic done well with Supers is really the way to go and is rarely seen as well or improved upon. Example OP would know, a Q SA2 or Ryu SA2 if is needs to be a Shoto, more known + everybody’s fave, zooms now in Ultras, which is arguably not the way to go.

For more on this if its gets discouraged considering we do tend to play more than concept a 4th version of 3s

Look up the noe-v blog who not just fanboys and says, here is what should’ve been done as everyone wants to, but might have also more documentation on where SF3 could’ve gone if 3s was a commercial success, artists Akiman, Bengus, & Daigo Ikeno works at the time. And of course most of the concepts, history behind who Sagat/Ryu probably were based on. Don’t remember if he got far into SF3 designs.


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Jack Louis threads.
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Its also strange how you only find the concept 3s fans and the fans as players. Yes there’s overlap but, shit man, arty guys can probably get down on the game and contribute too. Then again the advertisements for 3s were so strange with the neon.

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Well a part four is bound to never happen and that’s cool. But as I stated it’s fun to romanticize about different directions that game could have potentially gone. I started the retrospective only to act as a segue into how the game developed and where the game was headed. Rebalance is a dead horse specifically when a game has already been established for years and somewhat disastrous in the wrong hands (HDR anyone?). There is no harm at all in envisioning a games future no? Where is the mystique and mystery in calling it pointless?


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