Street Fighter III arcade version

Since you guys hate me here already :wonder: , I just wanted to ask this question: How does Street Fighter III: Third Strike in the Anniversary Collection compare to the arcade version? Are the loading times the same, etc.? Somebody creates a thread just like this to make fun of me :rofl:

From what I remember hearing, it’s pretty accurate to the arcade, but it uses a later build of the game that isn’t used in tournaments.

What do you mean by a “later build”?

He’s mistaking Anniversary Edition to the Dreamcast version.

The PS2 version is fine.

He means a “better” build.

But isn’t that how it always is with console games?

Capcom kinda sucks at revisions. Taking out unblockables doesn’t do shit to fix the game at all, maybe to scrubs but that’s about it.

Fixed :looney:

Well, NOW they do.

Then again I don’t even like 3S.

So the DC version isn’t used in tourneys? :confused:

Anniversary collection has an option to change the blocking recognition from ver a to ver b. Unblockables were nulled in the DC ver but Anniversary collection defaults to the 3s that we all know and love.

What about the Xbox version? Also, if the “revision” (console version) is better, then why wouldn’t they use it for tournaments, like The Grey Ghost said?

The rest of it seems to be covered, but I don’t think load times have been an issue since the days of 32 bit consoles. Maybe the load times in A3 on the DC were slightly noticeable (if I remember right), but beyond that, everything cruises along smoothly.

The Dreamcast version isn’t used in tourneys.
The PS2 and XBOX versions are fine.

However the XBOX version is supposedly 5% faster because of the XBOX’s CPU.

Get the PS2 version, its the best and you have more options for controller usage.

fucking search

I’m getting mixed messages… You just said that the Xbox version is supposedly slightly faster, yet you say the PS2 version is better.

The CPS-3 version has no load times,(You can skip the vs screen) and the resolution is sightly different from the PS2/XBOX/DC versions.
That’s all I noticed so far.

I think that’s the overall message, yes. I got the other versions mixed up. PS2 appears to be the best, but Xbox is faster.

It goes:


None of them are arcade-perfect, but the PS2 is the most arcade-accurate, however it moves just a slight bit faster than arcade. XBOX goes about 5% faster, which is a much bigger deal than the PS2’s speed difference.

The Dreamcast has input delay and is based on a completely different build of the game where there’s no unblockables, so good-bye to Oro and Urien being nasty.

Okay, now fuck 3rd strike for a second. How accurate is Dc’s W Impact New Generation and 2nd Impact (aka teh sexiness)?

arcade perfect iirc