Street Fighter III Dreamcast - Region differences?


I’m considering getting SF3:3S for Dreamcast, I have a choice between the JP version (cheaper) or the more expensive US version. Are there any major differences between the two?


Alex doesn’t say “Jesus” when you chip him in the US. The blood in Urien’s timeout animation is censored in US. A long time ago some random person said they felt less input lag in the JP version but like anything else, if one random person says something, who cares. Nothing major that I’ve heard about.

PS2 port is better if you can get that instead.


They all suck (as a port)


No, they don’t.

They changed some things gameplay wise, like removing some ‘unblockables’ and making tweaks from the arcade version. This was purposeful. Its not technically a bad port, unless, of course you don’t agree with the revisions made.

Graphics-wise the PS2 does slightly one-up the DC version though, it removes the ‘vertical borders’ and the sprites look smoother overall, although I don’t own the PS2 version so I can’t be sure of that, only going off memory there.

Seeing as the gameplay changes were pretty much reverted closer to the arcade version in the PS2 edition, and people still play this actively in the arcades it would be best to stick with the PS2 version so nothing throws you off. Although in all my time with both versions, I didn’t see any glaring differences in the characters. But if you’re getting DC version, go NTSC-J.


The PS2 is an overall better port, mostly due to gameplay but also graphically. IIRC, Capcom used some sort of weird scaling technique (not even sure that is the right word) in the DC version to save memory. The result makes your eyes bleed in RGB/VGA.

To this day, I have yet to find a clear description of what difference, if any, exists between the Japanese and American version of 3S on Dreamcast.


US third strike only has remixed BGM. That’s the only guaranteed difference between US & JP that I know of.